Sibcy Cline Employees Adopt a Second Grade Class at Evanston Academy

AdoptAClass 02-09-17.jpg

A group of Sibcy Cline employees have adopted a second-grade class at Evanston Academy for the 2016-2017 school year. Each month this group has a planned activity centered around a topic. And, they usually bring a snack for the kids, too.

Activities have included: how to make an introduction (handshake, eye contact, clearly saying your name and smiling). That session also included grab-bag questions to start conversations such as “Do you have any pets?” or “Tell me something you learned in school” and “What is your favorite food?”.

In January, the group helped the kids create Valentine’s Day cards complete with poems. They talked about the importance of recognizing and acknowledging people who make a difference in their lives such as parents, siblings, grandparents and friends.

Their goal is to inspire the children by showing them teamwork and a positive corporate culture. Who knows – these kids may become our future real estate agents at Sibcy Cline!

Evanston Academy’s mission is “preparing students today for a successful tomorrow by developing academic excellence and positive self-concepts to foster values and achievement for all.”

The adopt a class Sibcy Cline program works via the Adopt A Class Foundation.

Pictured: Chris Payne (Marketing/Listings), Julie Renner (Insurance), Jane Bobel (Marketing), Debbie Wilson (Direct Mail Marketing), Becky Robertshaw (Recruiting), Barbara Bruns (Home Services) and David Wheatley (Training). Missing: Lisa Gnotek (Home Services)

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