Sibcy Cline Agents Cruised for Listings and Sales with a Fun Contest!

Sibcy Cline agents participated in the company’s annual listing and sales contest called Cruising For Listings and Sales. During the contest period, 1,299 listings, 2,420 sales, 1,505 open houses and 80 outgoing referrals were recorded.  Agents accrued points from various real estate activities. Those agents with at least 75 points were invited to a breakfast held at the Manor House in Mason. A $10,000 reverse raffle was held while agents enjoyed a full breakfast, anticipating who the lucky winner (or winners) would be.


Final10WinnersHere are the results from that raffle.  The final ten agents in the reverse raffle were:

  • Carrie McVicker – Milford
  • Lori Pike – Middletown Monroe
  • Toni Coates – Centerville
  • Jaime Thinnes-Neumaier – Northwest
  • Beth Mahoney – Montgomery
  • Sandra Butler – Kenwood
  • Celia Carroll – Montgomery
  • Linda Padgett – Fort Mitchell
  • Sue Piersall-Hanes – Centerville
  • Gail Berry – Middletown Monroe

Those 10 agents were called to the stage and kept the raffle going until there were four names left: Sue Piersall-Hanes; Beth Mahoney; Toni Coates; and Carrie McVickers. Those agents decided to split the cash and all went away winners!

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Other winners of cash prizes that day:

  • Robb Harrison – Western Hills – $100
  • Ken Howard – Lebanon – $100
  • Lisa Fix – West Chester – $200
  • George Verkamp – Metropolitan – $200
  • Melissa Brown – Hyde Park – $300
  • Janell Stuckwisch – Florence – $300
  • Maureen Pippin – Kenwood – $400
  • Karen House – Fairfield – $400
  • Jeri Vickers – Montgomery – $500

Here are more photos from this very fun event. Look for even more photos from Sibcy Cline’s Facebook page!

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