Sibcy Cline’s Web Site Stats for 2017

Website_Jan2018.pngWhat a year 2017 has been for real estate. Many homes sold quickly for top dollar due to the low number of available homes for sale. Sibcy Cline’s website was very active throughout the year. Here is a breakdown of Sibcy Cline’s web stats for 2017:

Property Detail Page Views for 2017
The most important views on Sibcy Cline’s website are the pages with detailed information about individual properties for sale. Here is a synopsis of views on those pages for the year:

  • 40,082,753 “Property Detail” page views in 2017
  • 3,340,229 “Average Monthly Property Detail” page views
  • 24,939 “Average Daily Property Detail” page visitors 

Sessions/Visits for 2017
Sibcy Cline’s website had 14,613,056 sessions (or visits) throughout 2017. On average, there were 40,039 sessions/visits daily.

Other Stats for

  • 515,017 “Saved Search” notification emails sent
  • 34,494 “Saved Listing” notification emails sent
  • 112,810 “HomeWatch” notifications sent
  • 39,883 “Email To A Friend” notifications sent


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