Eight Tips to Help Sell Your Home as Fast as Possible

how to sell your home fast

You want to sell your home and are hoping for a quick sale. Follow these eight tips to help get your home sold – fast:

1. Price It Correctly
Pricing your home competitively from the beginning could help it to sell more quickly and possibly for more money. Home buyers are probably less likely to want to get into a bidding war for a newly listed home. Remember, the first 30 days on the market is the best activity for your home. Talk to your real estate agent about a pricing strategy.

2. Photos and Staging of Your Home
Most buyers conduct their initial home search online, so having great photos is very important.

Make sure your home is prepared for its photo shoot. Have your home cleaned, decluttered and staged to sell to draw the interest of buyers.

3. Curb Appeal
The first thing buyers see when driving past your home is its front exterior. Make sure your curb appeal is so strong they want to come into your home to see more!

4. Paint
Fresh paint makes your home look – well, fresh! Select colors carefully and choose ones that will appeal to most buyers. Think about how colors will look in relation to others. (For example: Tan next to pure white will look beige. But, if you place tan next to dark green is will look off white.)

5. Remove Personal Items
Photos, collections and personal knickknacks can distract buyers. Your goal is to have buyers think of having their own belongings in your home. You do not want them gazing at yours.

Decluttering your rooms will make them look larger. Another benefit of decluttering is that you will have less items to deal with when it comes time to box up and move.

6. Showings? Yes, Please
A buyer needs to personally tour your home in order to make an offer. Be flexible about showings. Have your home “show ready” at all times and be ready to vacate for a showing appointment with little notice.

7. Your Pet
A majority of homeowners have a pet. Please realize the love you have for your dog or cat will not be shared by others. Therefore, it’s important to remove your pet, food bowls, toys and other items from sight for all showings.

8. Lighting Tips
Natural light gives a very positive impression. You may need to add some light to make your home look airy.

Ready to sell your home? Talk to a Sibcy Cline agent!



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