Starter Home Buyer? Start Now!

Starter homes are always popular due to the higher number of possible home buyers who want to buy them. Due to their smaller size, these properties usually have lower prices and may be perfect for those looking to keep costs down. With the demand for them so great, starter homes typically spend very little time on the market and often attract multiple offers.

The Time To Buy a Starter Home is Now
Now could be the best time to buy that starter home. Home values are on the rise and interest rates have been slowly rising. You could afford more home now than in the near future. A starter-home search might take some time due to the high demand for homes, but if you can lock into a mortgage rate now, you will also likely get a much better rate than someone who waits six or more months.

Talk To Your Agent
It’s always wise to talk to a real estate professional about housing options based on where you are looking to live, what you can afford, and your long-term homeownership plans. Your agent will be able to give you the benefit of years of experience and help you make the most-informed decision possible about purchasing your first home.

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