Test Your Home-Heating System Now!

ThermostatAs the weather gets colder, homeowners need to make sure home-heating systems are ready for the rigors of another winter. There are plenty of ways they can do that – some by themselves, or with professionals involved – but getting it done before the truly cold weather settles in is a must for any house.

The first thing to do when attempting to test a home-heating system is to head down to the furnace and check out your air filters. Experts recommend this should be done once a month and if they’re looking particularly dirty, the filters should be swapped out. (The absolute maximum time between replacing the filters is, in most cases, going to be no longer than three months.)

Other DIY Efforts
It’s a good idea to test the thermostat – especially older models – to make sure it can be easily adjusted to whatever temperature is necessary. Own an older thermostat? Consider installing a “smart” thermostat to give even more responsive control over the home’s temperature.

Homeowners should inspect outside-facing doors and windows carefully for any cracks or fissures. If found – and given many homes have enough small cracks to add up to the size of an open window – patching them can be a great way to increase home-heating efficiency.

When to Call in a Pro
Most people don’t have a lot of experience in dealing with heating systems themselves, and in certain situations it might be a bit dangerous to tackle repairs or maintenance, even with the help of an online guide or how-to video. When a job seems particularly daunting, it’s wise to simply call in an HVAC expert.

This may feel like a less cost-effective option, however, you must consider the trade-off between that initial cost versus having both the initial problem and the mistakes repaired. That comes in addition to the obvious safety risks with fixing a furnace with little experience or know-how. It’s also worth considering that, for new homes with potential heating problems, there may be some fixes that end up voiding the furnace’s warranty, which can be even more costly.

Need a Recommendation for Servicing Your Furnace?
Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend vetted HVAC professionals to you.

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