Sibcy Cline Top Agent Panel is a Success

Panelists2Sibcy Cline agents gathered at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine on February 13, 2019 for a “Top Agent Panel”. The afternoon was well attended with over 200 Sibcy Cline agents learning from and asking questions of their peers.

Robin S. Sheakley, president of Sibcy Cline Realtors, organized the event and asked the eight agents to discuss various aspects of their business. The panelists included: Judy Recker (Kenwood), Laura Sanders (Florence), Sue Lewis (Northern Hills), Julie Back (Hyde Park), Tim O’Bryant (Centerville), Torri Grace (Montgomery), Dan Vogel (Florence) and Steve Early (Kenwood).

These agents shared stories and tips of how they work their business – from making lots of phone calls to clients, hosting open houses and treating their client database as a “treasure chest”. They emphasized always being available for clients, getting involved in the community and using social media to keep your name top of mind.

It was a very inspirational afternoon held at a very inspiration place: Union Hall – a building that calls itself “a workplace for disruptors and the creative class.” There was not much disrupting going on with the Sibcy Cline event, but there was a lot of creativity and inspiration being shared.

Look for a video of this event soon on Sibcy Cline’s SIMON.


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