New Sibcy Cline Kiosk at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Sibcy Cline has a new kiosk located at Terminal 3 at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (aka CVG) near baggage claim pick up. This 600-pound advertising tool is 96-inches long and includes white LED lights mounted above the kick-board area to draw attention. The Sibcy Cline logo on the kiosk features red LED halo lighting. A 55-inch monitor showcases Sibcy Cline videos including our listings’ visual tours. The back of the kiosk features a “Welcome Home” message in 20+ languages along with a beautiful photo of downtown Cincinnati.

The kiosk is drawing attention. Recently, a couple arriving from Las Vegas, saw the kiosk and took note of Sibcy Cline’s website address. They knew they were interested in moving to Hyde Park and stopped by at that office location to find a real estate agent!

Fun fact about CVG: In 2018, the airport served  8.9 million passengers and is one of the fastest-growing airports in the U.S. 

SIbcy Rear

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