Quick and Easy Home-Maintenance Tips

Man Caulking WindowA properly functioning house saves homeowners headaches and money. Some home-related repairs are easy to do with a little know-how. With a bit of online research and some elbow grease, many issues can be  easily tackled issues throughout the home.

As any homeowner knows full well, little annoyances with things like squeaky floors, smelly garbage disposals, slamming cabinets and stained ceilings build up over time, but they’re not something you just have to live with. In fact, there are many home repair and maintenance jobs that can be done in less than an hour.

Just like any other home DIY projects, homeowners should take proper caution when taking up a task by investing in the right safety equipment and tools and proceeding carefully to ensure everything is done safely.

Quick Fixes
For people whose garbage disposals aren’t working properly or smell bad, you can disconnecting it from the power source, take it apart and clean it out thoroughly. That should resolve the issues.

If you have seen growing stains on your ceiling, there are a number of products that will cover up them up. A hardware professional will be able to recommend which materials will work best for specific situations. 

Cut the Noise
If there’s a spot on the front staircase that has been creaking or if a floorboard in the living room just won’t stop squeaking, the know-how needed to fix it is usually minimal. All it takes is locating the joist with a stud finder and applying a small screw to the area, right through the carpet. If one doesn’t work, try adding one or two more until the floorboard is more firmly in place and not making any more noise. This is the kind of job that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

And if kitchens have doors and cabinets that slam shut when closed, attaching little rubber bumpers to their corners can help cut out that noise in seconds. Some might prefer to install “soft-close” fixtures, which can be a little more expensive but add a nice element to the way closing a cabinet feels. In either case, they’re relatively easy to install even for someone with no expertise or experience.

Ongoing Maintenance
At this time of year, it’s also important for homeowners to make sure they’re doing all they can to keep their properties in good shape as colder weather arrives. After all, winter weather can inflict some serious damage on any home, so making sure everything is in good shape now, while the weather is still somewhat friendly, is always a good idea.

Perhaps the most important place to start on a property is outside it, specifically around driveways, front steps and other parts of the home where people are going to be walking when ice, snow and slush can make their unwelcome presence felt. Identifying areas where stairs may need to be repaired, cracks and holes patched or smoothed, and so on will help avoid dangerous slip-and-falls. Making sure the lights that illuminate those paths are in good shape is also a smart move.

Owners should also make sure their lawns and everything associated with them are in good shape as fall arrives. That means flushing out and shutting off water connections to sprinkler systems and outdoor spigots, and bringing in any hoses they’ve left lying around for the summer. That prevents freezing and the possibility of pipes bursting, which can cause massive headaches.

In addition, it’s important to stay on top of raking when foliage starts to fall. Letting all those fallen leaves sit on a lawn over the winter, especially when compacted by snow, can create dead spots in the grass next spring, so clearing leaves before serious snowfall arrives is a must.

Last Steps
In addition to clearing leaves off a lawn, it’s also critical for anyone with gutters to clear those out regularly in the autumn as well. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, which then result in water building up as snow melts, and potentially leads to a leaky roof. Getting all the gunk out of a gutter on a regular basis throughout the fall is a must.

And while up on the ladder, homeowners should also make sure everything is in good shape on that roof. If any shingles appear to be damaged or missing, they need to be replaced before harsher weather arrives. Depending upon the scope of the issue, this might not be something owners should tackle by themselves.

Finally, if you know there has been some water buildup in certain parts of your lawn – and especially around the foundation – you may want to think about ways to do a better job of directing water away from the home. Experts recommend ensuring there’s a six-inch vertical slope over 10 feet of space, ushering water away from a home.

Need help with your home’s maintenance? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend home-related vendors to you.

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