12 Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer in Winter

Brrr. It’s getting colder outside. Here are 12 tips to make your home warmer without cranking up the heat:

1 – Ceiling Fans
Use your ceiling fan throughout winter by setting the fan in a clockwise motion. This will force warmer air down into the room.

2 – Doors 
Make sure the door frame and the space under the door is well sealed. Weather stripping can help provide an air barrier. Door draft stoppers are helpful to keep air out from the bottom.

3 – Rugs
Hardwood and tile can be chilly. Use rugs on bare floors to provide some warmth to your feet.

4 – Open the Curtains
Let the sun in by opening south-facing curtains and blinds on sunny days. Close the curtains at night to provide a barrier. Thick curtains with a thermal lining are best.

5 – Windows
Make sure windows are latched. If you do not have newer windows, you may want to consider adding window film on them to seal in the heat.

6 – Have a Fireplace?
Keep the damper closed when not in use. And if you are home to supervise, light a fire.

7 – Programmable Thermostat
Programming your home to be warmer when home and at a lower temperature when away will save you money.

8– Unused Rooms
Close off unused room to stop air from circulating into them.

9 – Insulation and Sealing
Heat escapes through the attic since warm air rises. A well-insulated and sealed home can use as much as 45% less energy for heating or cooling. (Need professional help with this activity? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services.)

10 – Cook
Cooking is a warm activity! The heated over will add warmth.

11 – Exercise
Vigorous exercise will warm you up and keep you warm!

12 – Still Cold?
Put on some thick socks and drink hot chocolate!

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