The Benefits of Selling Your Home During Winter

Selling your home during winterAlthough winter is not a time usually associated with a lot of home sales, real estate experts advise that homeowners can actually tap this unique market to sell their homes. All it takes is a different type of prep work and a positive attitude.

Everyone is Motivated
A huge benefit that comes with putting a home up for sale in the winter is that there is usually an interest in getting a deal done as quickly and easily as possible. Owners who decide to sell in the winter are typically those who either have to get their homes on and off the market quickly (for instance, if they have to move for work) or have had the property up for sale for a few months and want to strike a deal as soon as possible. Another possibility is that they want to get a head start on the spring market to get their home sold first.

In either case, veteran real estate professionals will often advise that buyers at this time of year are likewise motivated to move in quickly. They, too, might need to move for job-related reasons, and want to do so when there’s less competition from other buyers.

What to Keep in Mind
It’s worth noting that homeowners have a serious part to play in making sure their properties are fully up to code and ready for the sales process. Any issues that arise could hold up what would otherwise be a quick and easy sales process. That point goes beyond simply making sure a home is ready for a photo or video shoot and involves ensuring all home systems (heating and cooling, hot water heaters, etc.) are in good working order.

When mishaps arise with those home systems, they can lead to delays because of how busy the associated repair professionals are at this time of year. Therefore, getting systems tested before the home is put up for sale is usually a great idea.

Likewise, it’s usually smart for owners to invest in a home warranty ahead of a sale to make sure that if something does go wrong for those systems, they’ll have some financial protection and added peace of mind. That can be a huge benefit for buyers as well, and highlighting that protection might be an extra selling point at this time of year.

Hosting a Successful Open House in Winter
At this time of year it’s important to keep your yard in the best shape possible, even if there’s a blanket of snow on it. Clearing out sticks and dead leaves can go a long way.

Make sure all paths are safe for people to walk on. Clearing snow, ice and puddles from driveways and walkways, as well as the front sidewalks will help sellers avoid any potential accidents and also show that you are conscientious about attending to your property.

Issues to Avoid and Keep a Positive Attitude
Once open houses have been held and bids are starting to come in, keep a positive mental attitude. It can be easy to worry about getting a sale done in short order, but at this time of year, sellers’ agents will have more time to devote to their sale in particular and make sure everything goes as well as it possibly can.

At some point, the finer details of a sale are out of owners’ hands, and rather than getting worked up about uncontrollable things, it’s a better idea to let agents do their jobs.

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