11 Tips to Enjoy a Vacation while Staying at Home

Portrait of cute boy inside tent at backyardYou’re staying at home because that beach vacation is just not going to happen this year due to COVID-19. What are you going to do when taking time off but have no where to go? Here are 11 ideas to still feel like you’re on vacation while at home:

1 – Pretend You’re Away From Home
When you go on a real vacation, most people tune out email and other digital distractions. With a “staycation” you need to do the same. Limit time on texts, email and the TV. Just unplug.

2 – No Routine
You’re on vacation – sleep in and wear your PJs all day. Have breakfast food for dinner.  Take an afternoon nap.

3 – No Cooking
Be sure to order in or take away your main meal – just like you would do on vacation.

4 – Make Your Home into a Hotel
Convert your home into a hotel-style atmosphere. Take turns waiting on each other every day. The person on “vacation for the day” doesn’t need to make a bed, cook or clean – and will have drinks and meals served. Think about offering hotel-style treats such as a massage or manicure. Be sure to remember to have turn-down service that includes a chocolate on the pillow. Set up an amenity bar with water, soda and snacks.

5 – Decorate
If you have vacation-themed items in your home, decorate with them. Think tropical table settings with string lights. Pull out beach balls, too. Be sure to wear your beach-style clothes, too.

6 – Playlist
Use Spotify to play beach-style music or watch a YouTube video of waves along a beach. (Go here or here.)

7 – Have Fun in the Backyard
Grab a beach towel and head outside for some R&R. No pool? Buy a plastic baby pool or fill up a large bucket and stick your feet in to get that pool vibe.

Have a campout in the backyard. Set up a tent or use blankets as shelter. (Get some inspiration here and here.) Roast s’mores. Share scary stories. If sleeping in a tent is not appealing, have a “game day” in the yard instead. (Look for game ideas here, here and here.) Be sure to grill hamburgers and hot dogs.

Create a mini golf course. Have fun putting!

8 – Staying Inside?
Consider having inside fun, too. Play board games. Set up camp in the living room. Host a movie marathon. Have a treasure hunt. Make the kitchen table into craft central and get creative!

9 – Explore 
Enjoy the nearby outdoors by going for a bike ride, hike or walk – either in your neighborhood or park. Find a new street or trail to explore. Want to investigate a new park or trail? Use the AllTrails app.

10 – Go to a Foreign Country – Sort Of
Select a country and then “travel” remotely. Learn about that country and then cook food from the region. For example: If “visiting” Mexico, you could play Hispanic music, have a taco bar and have a fiesta. If you are heading to Paris, eat a croissant, sip cafe au lait or enjoy a glass of wine. Wear stripes and a beret. Ooh la la.

11 – Want to Learn?
Use the time at home to learn something fun. It might be a good time to brush up on chess strategies, learn how to create a special meal or take up a new hobby. There are so many ways to learn – just “google” your topic of interest. SkillShare offers some free classes.

Most of all – treat your time off as a vacation. Don’t tackle chores. They will always be there upon your return “home”! 

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