Seven Signs Why You Should Sell Your Home Right Now

With a shortage of homes for sale and bidding wars happening on many listed properties, now could be the perfect time to sell. Is the time right for you? Here are seven signs of why you should sell your home:

  1. You’ve outgrown your home. If there are not enough bedrooms or living spaces inside your current home for you and your belongings, now is a good time to think about “buying up” to a larger home.
  2. Where you live is “booming”. Do you live in one of those “hot” neighborhoods where houses are selling quickly and for a high price? This could be your sign to take advantage of the current market.
  3. You are tired to maintaining your current home. If mowing the lawn, gardening, painting and other chores are no longer fun to do, consider selling now and moving to a less maintenance-intensive type of home that better fits your lifestyle.
  4. You have equity in your home. During the housing crash of 2007, equity fell for most homes – but for many homeowners it is now back – and your home could be worth more than you owe on it. Do you know your home’s value in today’s market? You may be surprised and this could be the big sign to sell. Selling while you have high equity is a great way for you to buy that next dream home.
  5. Life changes. Life’s markers can affect housing needs. Perhaps you need a smaller home now or want to move to be closer to family. Changes in family dynamics and work commutes are a few  more reasons that may be pointing you in the direction of selling your old home and getting a new one.
  6. Low mortgage rates. Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows. When you sell your current home, you will be able to afford even more home with these rates. Take advantage of this market.
  7. You are emotionally ready to move on. Moving is not an easy thing to do. Let the guilt of staying in your old home go. Once you have made your mind up to sell, stay the course. Remember, in many areas, homes are selling quickly – that means less people touring your home, less open houses to host and a fast closing. That sold sign in your yard will be your “sign” to move onward.

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