Painting Tips and Types of Paint Finishes for Your Home

Is the paint on the walls in your home looking a little worse for wear? If rooms in your home need to be refreshed with a new coat of paint, here are some tips to read before picking up that paint brush:


  1. Wait for dry weather when it is not as humid. Humidity can affect how paints adheres.
  2. Remove light switches and outlet covers. 
  3. Clean walls and trim areas. Dirty and oily surfaces will easily chip and peel.
  4. Use drop clothes. Cotton or canvas drop clothes are preferable over plastic ones. Canvas clothes stay in place. Plastic tends to be slippery and will not stay in place. (Be careful with canvas on wood floors – they can slide.)
  5. Repair and prime before painting. After patching holes or imperfections in a wall, you need to prime that wall to avoid having a bumpy texture. The primer will also eliminate something called “flashing” which is a color difference between a wall and a patched area. Lastly, priming does not allow the paint to sink in and look dull.
  6. It is a best practice to paint the trim areas first, then the ceiling and walls. It’s easier to tape off the trim areas rather than walls.
  7. Use painter’s tape and tape off areas that you do not want painted. Once your paint is completely dry, you can easily pull it off the trim or parts of the walls. Use a utility knife to slice through the film formed between the wall and the tape. Pull the tape back at a 45-degree angle.
  8. Have good equipment and quality paint. You will be happier with your results.
  9. To avoid stripe marks when painting, you need to have even layers of paint that has not dried. Keep a “wet edge” so each stroke overlaps the previous stroke before that paint dries. When painting, roll the full height of the wall and move over slightly with each stroke. Keep the roller at least half loaded with paint.
  10. Wear old clothes when painting – splatters happen!

Different paint finishes are good for different purposes. Here is a guide to help you select the correct type of paint for your home project:

High Gloss – Durable and easy to clean, this is a great type of paint for trim, doors and cabinets. This is not a great choice for interior walls. Be sure to prep well as this finish shows every flaw.  This is a very durable type of paint.

Semi Gloss – This is a perfect type of paint for kitchens, baths, chair rails and trim because it is durable.

Satin – This type of paint is easy to clean and is good for high-traffic areas such as family rooms, foyers and kids’ bedrooms. It is a durable paint.

Eggshell – This is a no-shine paint finish that is akin in luster to a chicken’s egg. This type of paint is best for walls that are not perfect. It is good in rooms that will be not be scuffed such as the dining or living room. It has a medium durability.

Flat (Matte) – Flat or matte paint hides flaws in walls since it does not reflect light. This type of paint is difficult to clean without removing paint off the wall. This is best used in adult bedrooms or rooms that will not have walls touched. It has medium-low durability.

Need help with your paint job? Sibcy Cline Home Services can recommend a painter to help you with your job!

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