Ideas to Inspire Your Home Office

This past year you may have been spending many working hours at home. How is that home office situation looking? If it involves placing your laptop on the kitchen table, please read below for ideas on how to make your home office space into something better.

Note: Having two separate works spaces in your home is considered a positive selling feature. Home buyers are looking for space for two work-at-home scenarios and/or at-home school learning.

Office Location in Your Home

Depending upon how large your home is and how rooms are utilized, your office location can vary. If you have a dedicated study or home office, that room is the obvious solution. This allows you to work all day and then close the door and move into “home life”.

If a formal study does not exist, you will need to carve out home work space elsewhere. A guest bedroom could be a solution. Perhaps dedicate one wall in that room to your work space. Or, if there is a large closet available, consider reconfiguring it into your office space. If your home has a loft, that space could be perfect for an office. A finished lower level also might offer the solution for your desk and office space.

The dining room is a popular room for a home-office space. These rooms often lack doors. But, if need be, this may be your solution – on a temporary basis.

Many kitchens have desk spaces for handling bills and home paper work. Although this room may be too noisy for your day-to-day work space, it could be the right space if it is in a quiet setting.

The garage – believe it or not – can be used for office space, especially if it is attached to the home and has heat and air. One downside to using this type of space is that your car may have to be parked elsewhere.

“She Sheds” and “Man Caves” have become very popular, If you have one that is suitable with electric, heating and air, this could be the perfect space for that home office.

Office Chair
When sitting all day, you need a good chair, preferably one that is ergonomically correct. These type of chairs will support your back, neck and legs.

Stand Up!
Some people prefer the option of standing when working to take pressure off of a sore back. An ergonomic, standing desk rises and allows you to stand in comfort.

Natural light is best for a comfortable work area. If you can, place your desk area near a window. Additionally, floor and desk lamps can add even more light to your space.

Take a Break Area
It’s always a good idea to walk away from your desk to stretch and think things out. Perhaps a comfortable chair or couch would be a good place to read and think.

If you have a dedicated space for your home office, then home decor will be important. Depending upon your taste and style, you could have something “traditional”, minimalist or vintage chic. Look here for some inspirational ideas on how to decorate.

More Inspiration
Here are photos of home offices from a few Sibcy Cline agents:

Jenny Howard Sibcy Cline Lebanon

Jenny Howard (an agent with Sibcy Cline’s Lebanon office) has a home office that has been recently updated. She removed two layers of wallpaper that dated back to 1917. Jenny’s Arts and Crafts style desk creates a calm, uncluttered look and is the perfect place for her to work. The Edison-style table lamp adds interest. Jenny reports this room is still a work in progress, but it looks like it is already a perfect place to pull together real estate deals!

Jill Fritz Sibcy Cline West Chester

Jill R. Fritz (a Sibcy Cline West Chester real estate agent) owns a work desk that means the world to her. It was built by her grandfather and used in his law office. (Jill’s father has a second desk.) As you can see, her office is ready for real estate business. The room has character – from the old-style phone to the desk lamp. Jill has not completed her redesign of her home office yet, but one thing is for sure, her well-loved desk will be part of her daily work routine for years to come.

Lisa Holt is an award-winning interior designer and posts many “how to” YouTube videos. Here is one on IKEA home-office hacks:

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