Carrie McIntosh-Owens and Adam Klette – 2021 Board Members for the Southern Ohio Association of Realtors

Carrie Owens-McIntosh Adam Klette Sibcy Cline Realtors

Sibcy Cline Realtors is pleased to present two company professionals who have been tapped to serve on the board of directors for the Southern Ohio Association of Realtors (SOAR): Carrie McIntosh-Owens and Adam Klette.


Carrie McIntosh-Owens, co-manager of the Sibcy Cline Northeast office, is the 2021 president for SOAR. She has been very active with this group for many years with terms as President in 2014 and 2017; Past President in 2015; and Treasurer in 2013. She has served on the board of directors since 2007.

Additionally, Carrie has volunteered as Chairperson for RPAC since 2016; strategic planning committee; membership committee; and the Elite Club committee. In 2014, Carrie was honored as Realtor of the Year by SOAR.

She is also an Ohio Realtors® Director, is a state political coordinator, acting as liaison between the Realtor community and members of Ohio Congress, as well as serves on other committees at the state level including: Communications, Professional Development, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Carrie is looking forward to her leadership role with SOAR for 2021. She says, “Serving our SOAR members is both an honor and a privilege and I am fortunate to work with this incredible group of Realtors. I look forward to serving the members of our real estate community this year.”


Adam Klette is a Realtor from the Sibcy Cline Anderson location. His background in technology has played an important role with the Southern Ohio Association of Realtors® and he has served on the Technology Committee helping to pave the way for the future with his knowledge.

This is Adam’s first time serving on the board for SOAR. He says, “”I am honored to be asked to serve on the SOAR board and I hope that through my service I can make our members’ lives better,┬ámore productive and more successful in the year ahead.”

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