Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Cindy Menth

  • Hometown: Sharonville, OH
  • Current home: Waynesville, OH
  • Proudest life accomplishment: Opening and running Stone Creek Farms in Waynesville
  • Favorite local hang-outs: Any vintage, antique, or salvage store

Being charged with the important tasks of keeping up with two of Sibcy Cline’s top executives is not for someone who is easily daunted. As executive assistant to President Robin Sheakley and General Sales Manager Bob Mahoney for going on three years, Cindy Menth is a powerhouse on her own: committed to excellence, a high performer with a strong business sense, she communicates confidence and positivity.  

The key to her job happiness, Cindy admits, is the ability to remain flexible, along with what she calls her “mom qualities”, or the emotional intelligence to be tuned into and anticipate the needs of others. These strengths are what allow her to daily juggle the schedules, demands, and priorities of two busy people. “What makes it easier is that even though they have different personalities and business styles, they have learned to blend their leadership styles to create balance in the organization.  At times my job is hectic, but Sibcy Cline is a great environment.”  

You might think that keeping up with two executives would be enough, but Cindy continues living life at a fast pace outside of her job at Sibcy Cline.  She and her husband Bill Menth own a furniture and home décor store, Stone Creek Farms, in Waynesville. Both Cindy and Bill work full time during the week and then open the store on weekends. “I’m excited for the upcoming Christmas in the Village in downtown Waynesville. It will be adorned with traditional décor and takes on a nostalgic feeling…. over 1300 luminaries, strolling Dickens’ characters, carriage rides, Santa, and more. I’m sure the store will be busy!”  

Admitting that she “thrives on chaos”, Cindy has no plans to scale things back anytime soon. She loves variety and the fast pace, while finding the most reward in helping others.  “I love the fact that people trust me to work hard to get answers for them,” she says. “I love being a resource people count on.”  

One of many at Sibcy Cline who lost loved ones during the pandemic, Cindy lost her dad this past year to COVID, but feels a strong sense of gratitude for where she is in life and everything she has. “I’m watching my children become adults, living my best life with my best friend and husband, and working with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met while having a small business doing what we love. I feel like I have been looking forward to everything I have now for my entire life.” 

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