Ideas When Selling Your Home During the Holidays

List your home during the holidays

Homes sell all year long and some are on the market during the winter holiday season. There is an art to selling during this time of year. It’s a busy time and people who are looking for homes will probably not be “tire kickers”. Here are some tips to help you sell during the holidays:

Stage It Accordingly

One unique benefit of selling a home during the holidays is that you can actually use it to your advantage when it comes to staging. You can warm up a space during the holidays and that might make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves there.

Add tasteful but simple holiday decorations. Don’t go overboard and block the home’s features.

Focus on the cozy features like the fireplace, and of course, it’s a great time to use the classic real estate trick of baking cookies when someone comes for a showing. Make sure your home is warm temperature-wise too.

Clean-Up the Curb Appeal

While the winter makes it tougher to sell your home because people can’t see the landscaping, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the curb appeal altogether.

Shovel the walkways, illuminate pathways, and make sure that there’s a mat at the door so people coming to see your house can wipe their feet.

Price It Accordingly

Your listing agent will work with you to develop the right pricing strategy based on their assessment of the local housing data. Many variables go into pricing, but you may need to go a little lower than you’d like if you are selling this time of year with less demand from home buyers.

It’s not the time to haggle. During this time of year, it’s often better to price it right from the start instead of making price reductions later.

Be Flexible About Showings

During the holiday season, everyone is busy and may have more plans than usual, but if you’re selling your home, you need to be flexible and accessible when it comes to showings. It’s a challenging time so if someone wants to see your home, you need to do everything you can to facilitate that.

Focus on Outdoor Features

If you live somewhere with harsh winters, selling your home around the holidays can give you the chance to show off some of the exterior features that make it well-equipped for winter weather. For example, maybe potential buyers go outside to take a look at your home’s new roof. You could also show off convenient winter features like updated heating and attached garages.

If you can manage your expectations before you put a home on the marketing during the holidays, it’s going to help you stay more relaxed and also hopefully help you sell your house faster.

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