Improvements to Make to Your Home Now Before Selling This Spring or Summer

Home improvement ideas

It’s winter and you are spending time inside. Now can be a great time to make some improvements, especially if you’ve been thinking about selling your home this spring or summer. Here’s our list of ideas to consider:

Paint Rooms
A fresh coat of paint does a world of wonder. Walls can have wear and tear and painting them will make them look like new again. Consider painting neutral, relatable colors that buyers would prefer.

Wash Windows
Scrub your windows inside (and outside when it’s spring). Gleaming windows will let in the light.

Deep Clean
Clean everything. Dust collects on ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, picture frames and baseboards. Scrub the kitchen top to bottom including the oven and refrigerator.

If you are thinking of moving, you will need to pack at some point. Why not get rid of unused items now? This activity should be done room by room. Little by little, your home will be clutter free!

Consider thinning out the amount of furniture you have to make rooms appear larger. Box up extra picture frames and decorations. Either keep or donate them. Be ruthless with getting rid of coats and jackets and other clothing.

Cabinet Upgrade
Kitchen cabinets are a huge selling factor for homes. If yours could use some TLC, you could stain or paint them to give them a refreshed look. Or, just give them a good scrub! Think about replacing knobs and door fronts.

Does your kitchen lack a backsplash? This is a relatively easy way to make an impactful update. Neutral subway tile always looks great.

If bathroom or kitchen faucets look dated, replace them. This is an easy weekend project.

Replacing light fixtures is another easy project to refresh a room’s look.

Carpeting Cleaning
Well-used carpets might be screaming for a deep clean!

Make Essential Repairs
You could go ahead and hire a home inspector to check out your home to preempt potential snags when selling. The repairs have to be made – may as well cross them off your list.

Curb Appeal
When selling having curb appeal is important. During winter, you will not be able to tend to the landscaping, but perhaps repaint the front door or add a new outside light fixture.


Home Upgrades – Think First!
Upgrading your home before selling needs to be thoughtfully considered. Your upgrade could lead to a small return value with little enjoyment on your part. It’s always a good idea to consult with your real estate agent before starting a large upgrade project.

Take a look at Remodeling Magazine’s report on investment vs recouping values. You can drill down to a regional or city analysis of 22 home projects. For example, replacing a garage door brings an average of 93% recouped value when selling. On the other hand, a bath remodel adds about 69% for recouped value.

Need help with your home improvement project? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend vetted pros to help you!.

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