May Wellness Event: Turning Stress into Success

Sibcy Cline Agents gathered at Kenwood Country Club for May’s wellness event, a panel discussion to share stress management tips.

A certain level of stress is expected in real estate. After all, it’s often the biggest purchase of our lives and there’s a lot at stake. Add in the pressure of a pandemic, a hyper-competitive market for buyers, then top it off with a scarcity of listings, and now you’ve got stress overload. Mental clarity eludes you and productivity plunges.

As a brokerage, it’s part of our mission to help support each other in bringing our best selves to our jobs, so we can all succeed together. In order to address the struggles caused by high stress levels in today’s real estate market, we partnered with WISe Wellness Guild to offer “Turning Stress into Success” an event designed to bring us together to share strategies for stress management.

Stevi Carr of WISe Wellness Guild, Dr. Sarah Crawford, and Dr. Maria Espinola

Agents and employees of Sibcy Cline were invited to gather at Kenwood Country Club for a panel discussion led by Dr. Sarah Crawford and Dr. Maria Espinola. Dr. Crawford is the Owner of Anchor Wellness and a physical therapist specializing in chronic pain. Dr. Espinola is a Harvard-trained psychologist and the CEO of the Institute for Health Equity and Innovation. After the discussion and some stress-relieving exercises led by the doctors, participants were invited for a relaxing happy hour event on the patio.

7 ways to manage “Fight or Flight” from Dr. Sarah Crawford

  • Do more of what makes you feel good (ie; exercise, socialize with friends, walk the dog)
  • Journaling/Reading/Listening to music
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Delegating tasks/responsibilities
  • Nutrition/hydration
  • Cold showers

7 Personal and professional stress-management techniques from Dr. Maria Espinola

Personal techniques

Professional Techniques

  • collaborating with other realtors
  • using apps to stay organized
  • using mindfulness when interacting with clients

See more tips for wellness on Dr. Espinola’s YouTube channel.

Stress Management Resources from WISe Wellness Guild Partners

Mindfulness in Nature

8 Evidence-based Strategies to Reduce Stress

Our Fight or Flight Response in Chronic Stress,

10 Tips for Building Resilience

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