Employee Spotlight: Eugene Piggee II

  • Title: Help Desk Manager  
  • Hometown: Toledo, OH  
  • Current home: Fairfield, OH  
  • Proudest life accomplishments: Earning my undergraduate and master’s degrees at Bowling Green State University and being “Instructor of the Year” at a private training company.  

“If you teach someone to fish, they will never be hungry,” says Help Desk Manager Eugene Piggee II, who often finds himself in the position of feeding those who are hungry for help with their tech issues. In this technology-dependent world, properly functioning digital tools can feel like a basic need. When things aren’t functioning like we expect them to, our livelihoods feel threatened.  Eugene is one of the members of Sibcy Cline’s tech team who comes to the rescue for agents and employees when technology is failing us, so we can get back to the work of making a living.  

But Eugene isn’t satisfied with just giving us a fish—fixing our problem and moving on—he wants to make sure that he goes the extra mile and helps us with any future problems that may come up. “I try to teach one person every day how to fix an issue on their own, so they can save time and resolve it themselves next time.”   

Eugene’s recent promotion to Help Desk Manager after 5 years as a Help Desk Analyst had a lot to do with his ability to approach his job with a leadership mentality. In addition to his natural tendencies as teacher and leader, Eugene has a Master’s degree in Technology Education and experience as an Adjunct Professor at Chicago’s DeVry Institute, teaching both young adults and adult learners. He also taught Adobe and Microsoft products at a privately owned training company, where he was named “Instructor of the Year”.   

But even with an advanced degree and a successful career already behind him, Eugene struggled to find permanent work when he and his family moved to Cincinnati from Chicago several years ago. “After moving here, the first year was rough finding work that wasn’t temporary. I had help desk temp role after help desk temp role. Finally, I had the opportunity to interview with Sibcy Cline. I was hired full time and trained by an excellent support system.”   

In addition to the support network and the relationships he’s built at Sibcy Cline, one of the most rewarding things for Eugene in his job is working together with his team to solve new technology issues. When he can shift from the role of teacher to being the student; he learns through his work. “When there is a new computer issue, we research and learn how to fix it. Or we find better solutions to old issues.” 

While teaching and learning about the vast subject of technology could encompass more than a full-time work week, Eugene looks forward to time with his family outside of work. “The best hobby is to make my wife and kids laugh,” he says. “There is always a good dad joke to tell.” Eugene also looks forward to doing more travel with his family and making fun memories. “I want to show my kids there is more out there than what you see every day.”  

1 thought on “Employee Spotlight: Eugene Piggee II

  1. I’m not surprised Eugene was teacher of the year. He has such patience and has such a willingness to help someone learn.


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