Sibcy Cline Announces a New Voice of America Office

Sibcy Cline Voice of America office

New Voice of America Office

A change has taken place with the Sibcy Cline branch offices. The Northeast and West Chester offices have unified to become Sibcy Cline Voice of America. This office will create a powerful Sibcy Cline office location with over 140 agents led by Carrie McIntosh-Owens and Shelbey Loudin. Both managers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new office formation.

“One thing that’s always been clear about the value of a locally connected brokerage like Sibcy Cline is the power of our agent network for helping buyers and sellers,” said Rob Streicher, Senior VP of Branch Growth and Development at Sibcy Cline. “Bringing agents together and providing office space for them at our branches builds a strong network that’s hugely beneficial to our clients, as well as to our agents. Deals get done faster and clients walk away feeling like their needs were met.”  

The two branch offices that now form the new VOA office, Northeast and West Chester, were just 4.2 miles apart. “It just didn’t make sense to have two offices so close together,” said Rob, who co-managed the West Chester office for 9 Years. “Uniting these two offices into one agent network under one roof allows Sibcy Cline to become a bigger powerhouse in the northeast Cincinnati suburbs. It’s been a great move that’s created an unbelievable synergy!”  

Shelbey Loudin, Rob’s former co-manager at the West Chester office, agrees. “The combination of the West Chester and Northeast offices into the new Voice of America office puts us in a unique position to dominate the market in our northern suburbs. The opportunities for agents to collaborate as a team will increase exponentially,” said Shelbey, who will co-manage the new VOA office with Carrie McIntosh-Owens. 

Carrie, who managed the Sibcy Cline Northeast office and has been part of the industry in this region for 20 years, is excited about a move that will give her agents a greater ability to serve their clients. “Nothing brings me greater joy than to help our agents grow their businesses and have a true impact on families and communities.”  

The new Sibcy Cline Voice of America Office is home to over 140 agents serving the northeast Cincinnati suburbs.  It is located at 7677 Voice of America Centre Drive in West Chester Township.  

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