Celebrate 2022! Sibcy Cline Top Agents and Teams Receive Awards

Every September, we host an annual awards event to recognize the top agents in our organization. This year we gathered at TQL Stadium for an evening of celebrating wins and toasting to a successful year. Congratulations to all of our hardworking agents who are going above and beyond to help their clients reach their homebuying goals!

Rookie of the Year

Debbie Gentene, Voice of America

Sales Leader of the Year

Julie K. Back, Hyde Park

Sales Unit Leader of the Year

Julie K. Back, Hyde Park

Sales Team Leader of the Year

Andrea deStefano Team, Montgomery

Sales Team Unit Leader of the Year

Team Sanders, Florence

Debbie Gentene
Julie K. Back
Andrea and Linda deStefano
Brad Sanders

Regional Sales Leaders

Kentucky Region: Team Sanders, Florence

Dayton Region: Jackie Halderman, Vandalia

West Region: Sue Lewis, Northern Hills

East Region: Mahoney Group, Montgomery

Brad Sanders
Jackie Halderman
Sue Lewis
Mahoney Group

Community Service Award

Marcella Churchill, Monroe/Middletown

Rookie Agents Award

  • Debbie Gentene, Voice of America
  • Derrick Garcia, Kenwood
  • Alex McIntosh, Western Hills
  • Alexander Stamos, Voice of America

Ruby Level Agents

  • Tiffany Allen-Zeuch
  • Julie K. Back
  • Cameron Group
  • Nat Comisar
  • Andrea deStefano Team
  • Team Hamilton
  • Sue S. Lewis
  • Mahoney Group
  • The Riley Girdler Team
  • Team Sanders
  • Diane Tafuri Team
  • Tina & Candace Burton Team
  • The Waits Team

Titanium Level Agents

  • Oscar Asesyan
  • Celia B. Carroll
  • Toni Donato Shade
  • Steven Early
  • Jackie Halderman
  • Heimbrock Group
  • Jennifer Herron Lightcap
  • Team Lach
  • Jeri O’Brien-Lofgren
  • Roxanne Qualls
  • Laurie Simon Goldman
  • Larry Thinnes
  • Carl F. Tuke III
  • Keli Williams

Platinum Level Agents

  • Lisa Belinky Crawford
  • Elizabeth Bokon Onthank
  • David D. Dawson
  • Madison Eisenman
  • Rita Harrington
  • Brendan Morrissey
  • Judy Recker
  • Lori Taylor

Diamond Level Agents

  • Susanne Anton
  • Molly Bresnen Zuckerberg
  • Cheryl Brun
  • Gayatri Chandran
  • Teresa Durbin
  • The Fix Solution
  • Marcia Greenwald
  • David & Nicole Isgrig
  • Chris Kennedy
  • Tasha Klaber-Flood
  • Jenna Lockard
  • Dolores Mize
  • Kim Nachazel
  • Rebecca L. Orth
  • Aimee Pelletier
  • Dede and Jens Persson
  • Team Rohling
  • Robbie Schlager
  • The Schuerman Group
  • Patti Sibcy
  • Kathie Smith
  • Stephanie Steffen

Crystal Level Agents

  • Leah Beckman
  • Karen Bevins
  • Margaret Brown
  • Rebekah Brown
  • Nadine Catalano
  • Barbara Chasteen
  • Tim Cottrill
  • Darrell-Rich Team
  • Hannah Downs
  • Jill Fritz
  • Sarah Goldman
  • Lauren Grote
  • Jennifer Hemmelgarn
  • Dawn Isenhower
  • Angela Kemp
  • Amy King
  • Teresa Kraft
  • Neil Lobert
  • Mark Mattingly
  • McMahan Team
  • Susan Miller
  • Alicia Moser
  • Lori O’Brien
  • Cheryl O’Donnell
  • Maureen D. Pippin
  • Carol Rod
  • Ela Shapiro
  • Ramneek Singh
  • Allison Thornton
  • Summer A. Wiedenbein
  • Steven Wolber

Gold Level Agents

  • Tyler Andrew
  • Maura Black
  • Lee A. Brooks
  • Brosey Group
  • Troy Brown
  • Elizabeth Burk
  • Mary Lou Calvert
  • David Campbell
  • Sandra Carter Hall
  • Chrissy Clark
  • Mark Davison
  • Sean Dennedy
  • Kelley Doran-Wayman
  • Ellen Dotson Michael
  • Renee Durham
  • Mike Embree
  • Lori Gasser
  • Debbie Gentene
  • Anne S. Goss
  • Lori Hall Pollard
  • Sydney Hardoerfer
  • Tracy Heller
  • Sharon Hilinski
  • Rob Hoffman
  • Jenny Howard
  • Jen Klein
  • Lori Mitchell
  • Libby Paulinelli
  • Susan E. Rose
  • Tammy Schroer
  • Sally Spears
  • Tammy Stegemiller
  • Joseph M. Stein
  • Andrew Tanen
  • Rob Winterman
  • Charley Wolfe

Silver Level Agents

  • Dona Antoine
  • Jessica Back
  • Jennifer Baldwin
  • Steven Booth
  • Bill Bresser
  • Jan Burden
  • Teela Casseday
  • Jason Cozad
  • Marianne G. Culbertson
  • Lisa Daniel Allen
  • Michael DeFallco
  • Renie L. Dohrmann
  • Ted Dohrmann
  • Patty Dowd
  • Barbara J. Fields
  • Chris Franxman
  • Jessica Frazier
  • Derrick Garcia
  • John Gillespie
  • Kris Gilliland
  • Victor Godbey, Jr.
  • Team Graham
  • Walt Haglage
  • John Hensley
  • Cynthia Howard
  • Cherish Jessup
  • Cheryl Jones
  • Kirsty Kelly
  • Michelle King-Heusinkveld
  • Lorie Koehler
  • Kathy Lakeberg
  • Kathy Landstra
  • Madeline Lawrence
  • Therese Leighton
  • Melissa Leurck
  • Wayne Loudermilk
  • Sheena Lovich
  • Jenni McCauley
  • Maria McLaughlin
  • Jamie Mick
  • Galen E. Mills
  • Kim Moore
  • Catherine Mueller
  • Brian Northcutt
  • Nicole Palcic
  • Lori Pike
  • Lynda Pohl
  • Kristin Poirier
  • Scott Richards
  • Mary Rife
  • Paula Ritter
  • Pauline Rocco
  • Brooke Roscoe
  • Joe Sabato
  • Beverly Scott
  • Maya R. Scott
  • Amy Sigg Davis
  • Liz Simonton
  • Alexander Stamos
  • Pat Tenoever
  • Cynthia Tepe
  • Kim Vincent
  • Dan Vogel
  • Cathy Wasson
  • Diane R. Whitworth

Bronze Level Agents

  • Rajah Adhiyappa
  • Brenda Barr
  • Randy Brown
  • Mary Jo Champness
  • Marcella Churchill
  • Linda S. Clark
  • Douglas L. Davidson
  • Jamie Diebold
  • Cathy Fields
  • Joyce M. Franklin
  • Christina Fromeyer
  • Brian Grammel
  • Kimberly Green
  • Becky Gusweiler Poast
  • King Harrison
  • Ruby D. Heisler
  • Brian Hoffman
  • Joshua Hyland
  • Pamela Kissel
  • Kimberly Maiken
  • Christina McElfresh
  • Alex McIntosh
  • Nicholas Muennich
  • Justin Nickel
  • Natalie Nixon
  • Lisa O’Brien
  • Lisa Pettit
  • Juanita Richardson
  • Z. Ann Rowe
  • Rick Ruppel
  • Lauren Ashley Scallon
  • Carrie B. Schulte
  • Kathleen Steffen
  • Kathy Watson
  • Brian Weber

Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Eric Winhusen

Title:  Facilities Coordinator 

Hometown:  Boyne Falls, Michigan 

Current Home:  Liberty Township, OH 

Proudest career or life accomplishment: Raising the kids and supporting my wife in the early stages of her career as a stay-at-home dad has been my proudest life accomplishment.  My best career accomplishment was to successfully complete an extensive commercial renovation project within an 8-month deadline.  

Favorite local hangouts: Jungle Jim’s and Barnes & Noble 

For Sibcy Cline’s Facilities Coordinator Eric Winhusen, family is a top priority. Until about 10 years ago, Eric was a stay-at-home dad raising his two daughters while his wife Karen pursued her career as a chemical engineer.  

Eric met his wife Karen while in college; he was a geology student at UC and she was majoring in chemical engineering at Purdue. “Having spent time around engineers I thought I’d like to marry one and perked up when I met a chemical engineering student from Purdue at a group social event.  Comparing notes later we discovered we both went through the same process of elimination that night: “no, no, no, maybe”.  We like to say we were maybe at first sight and have been happily married since.” 

The success of the partnership between Eric and Karen says a lot about their abilities to successfully navigate the balance of family needs and career development for two people.  “When it came time to have kids, I chose to stay at home with our two girls and support Karen as she continued to blossom in her career.  Family is our priority, and I am happy to have had the opportunity to spend those years with our kids.” 

Eric admits that being a stay-at-home dad had its own set of unique challenges. “Moms have other moms to hang out with, but I was usually the only dad. It could be isolating.” To help provide some opportunities for adult conversation, he and his wife hosted church groups in their home. Another challenge, not unique to dads but difficult nonetheless, was the fact that being full-time caregiver didn’t lend itself to pursuing paid work. “Eventually, my college degree in geology was no longer relevant because I had no work experience. Also, flexibility was still important with young children, even when they were no longer babies.”

It was during the time that Eric was caring for their two daughters that he had the opportunity to join the Board of Trustees at their church, providing his first work experience managing a commercial facility. “When our kids hit school age, I was approached about joining church staff as a Facilities Coordinator.  It was a new position and so the job description was vague; but the thought was, we’d figure it out together.” 

Over the course of the next 10 years, Eric managed the facility calendar, procurement, IT, AV, safety, and administrative control of the office, fire, and security systems. He also worked with the Board of Trustees to maintain and renovate the 30,000 square-foot facility and surrounding property. “Those 10 years provided the time necessary to learn how to respond to a wide array of facility issues, help plan and manage several large projects and renovations, and ensure the facility met the evolving needs of the diverse groups using it,” says Eric.  

Early in 2022, he received a cold call from Sibcy Cline about an opening in the facilities department and the timing couldn’t have been better. “The family-owned business and culture of Sibcy Cline sounded like a good fit, and as a bonus I am learning from a manager with substantial commercial facilities experience.” 

Since he started in April of 2022, Eric has found numerous opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience in facilities management. “The learning curve for the software suites and becoming familiar with 20+ commercial properties spread widely around the region is both exciting and daunting.  It is essential to have the support of a good team to succeed and I’m thankful to have that at Sibcy Cline.” 

As it’s turned out, one of the things that Eric finds most rewarding about his job is the office culture. “While the variety and challenges of the job are appealing, my favorite part has been the interaction with [co-workers]. Learning names is not a strength of mine, so I’m mindful to work daily to build my knowledge base and make a point of creating a couple new personal connections every week.” 

In his personal time, building relationships by spending time with family and friends is still a top priority as he and Karen prepare to be empty nesters. This year, their two daughters enter their junior and senior years in high school. “I’m eager to see the life choices they make and what kind of changes the next 6-8 years will bring for them,” he says.  

Employee Spotlight: Eugene Piggee II

  • Title: Help Desk Manager  
  • Hometown: Toledo, OH  
  • Current home: Fairfield, OH  
  • Proudest life accomplishments: Earning my undergraduate and master’s degrees at Bowling Green State University and being “Instructor of the Year” at a private training company.  

“If you teach someone to fish, they will never be hungry,” says Help Desk Manager Eugene Piggee II, who often finds himself in the position of feeding those who are hungry for help with their tech issues. In this technology-dependent world, properly functioning digital tools can feel like a basic need. When things aren’t functioning like we expect them to, our livelihoods feel threatened.  Eugene is one of the members of Sibcy Cline’s tech team who comes to the rescue for agents and employees when technology is failing us, so we can get back to the work of making a living.  

But Eugene isn’t satisfied with just giving us a fish—fixing our problem and moving on—he wants to make sure that he goes the extra mile and helps us with any future problems that may come up. “I try to teach one person every day how to fix an issue on their own, so they can save time and resolve it themselves next time.”   

Eugene’s recent promotion to Help Desk Manager after 5 years as a Help Desk Analyst had a lot to do with his ability to approach his job with a leadership mentality. In addition to his natural tendencies as teacher and leader, Eugene has a Master’s degree in Technology Education and experience as an Adjunct Professor at Chicago’s DeVry Institute, teaching both young adults and adult learners. He also taught Adobe and Microsoft products at a privately owned training company, where he was named “Instructor of the Year”.   

But even with an advanced degree and a successful career already behind him, Eugene struggled to find permanent work when he and his family moved to Cincinnati from Chicago several years ago. “After moving here, the first year was rough finding work that wasn’t temporary. I had help desk temp role after help desk temp role. Finally, I had the opportunity to interview with Sibcy Cline. I was hired full time and trained by an excellent support system.”   

In addition to the support network and the relationships he’s built at Sibcy Cline, one of the most rewarding things for Eugene in his job is working together with his team to solve new technology issues. When he can shift from the role of teacher to being the student; he learns through his work. “When there is a new computer issue, we research and learn how to fix it. Or we find better solutions to old issues.” 

While teaching and learning about the vast subject of technology could encompass more than a full-time work week, Eugene looks forward to time with his family outside of work. “The best hobby is to make my wife and kids laugh,” he says. “There is always a good dad joke to tell.” Eugene also looks forward to doing more travel with his family and making fun memories. “I want to show my kids there is more out there than what you see every day.”  

4 Benefits of Homeownership

homeownership benefits

Home: whether it’s a studio apartment or a 6000-square-foot mansion, it’s the place that you feel most comfortable. It’s the place where you are surrounded by the things, people, and pets you love. And while it might not seem like there is much of a difference between paying a landlord or paying a mortgage, there are big benefits to making the leap to owning your own home.  Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to consider homeownership.

You Can Make it Your Own 

Want to change the paint color on the walls? Renovate the bathroom? Add a garden? Whatever changes you want to make to your home, you have the freedom when you own it.  

As it turns out, this freedom to make improvements to your home can bring more joy to your life. The 2022 Remodeling Impact report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) measures with a “joy score” how much happiness specific changes to your home can bring. According to NAR, “There were numerous interior projects that received a perfect Joy Score of 10: paint entire interior of home, paint one room of home, add a new home office, hardwood flooring re-finish, new wood flooring, closet renovation, insulation upgrade, and attic conversion to a living area.”  

Need help with home improvements? Reach out to Sibcy Cline Home Services for connections to local, vetted professionals.  

The Opportunity to Build Wealth 

“Owning a home continues to be a proven method for building long-term wealth,” said Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). NAR found that during the 10 years between 2010 and 2020, total housing income wealth for 980,000 middle-income households surged by $2.1 trillion.  

The Federal Housing Finance Agency breaks down the changes to home values by region and metropolitan area. You can see these changes by looking at the House Price Index. For example, the House Price Index can tell you that if you had bought a home in January 2020 for 100,000, it would be worth approximately $133,000 in January 2022, which is $33,000 in equity back in your pocket. When you rent, you build equity for the landlord. When you buy, you build equity for yourself.  

Also, buying a home is a hedge against inflation, since your payments are locked in. While your property value rises and other goods continue to cost more, your monthly housing payment stays the same and is typically locked in for 15-30 years.  

If you are interested in pre-qualifying for a mortgage, or would like to refinance to tap into your current home’s equity, reach out to Sibcy Cline Mortgage.  

Planting Roots Increases Stability  

In addition to the tangible financial benefits, it’s been proven that homeownership has long-term social benefits to families, communities, and the country as a whole. “Because of these societal benefits, policy makers have promoted homeownership through a number of channels. Homeownership has been an essential element of the American Dream for decades and continues to be so even today,” reports NAR.

Renters are more likely to move frequently, while homeowners tend to be embedded in the community for a longer period of time. This creates an overall stabilizing effect on both individuals and families that results in higher educational accomplishments and lower crime rates.

Homeownership Creates a Sense of Community  

From the very beginning, the act of buying a home engages an entire community network of individuals and industries that play a role in the process. Numerous contractors, specialists, lawyers, town and city officials, and so many other professionals are necessary to make the transaction happen. Every individual you work with, including your Sibcy Cline real estate agent, has a team of people involved behind the scenes. 

That means when you buy or sell a home, you’re leaving a lasting impression on the community at large. But it goes beyond that—homeowners are more inclined to be active participants in their communities.  “Owning a home means owning part of a neighborhood, and a homeowner’s feelings of commitment to the home can arouse feelings of commitment to the neighborhood, which, in turn, can produce interactions with neighbors. Overall, attachment to the neighborhood is stronger for homeowners and longterm renters than for more transient residents,” reports NAR.

Ready to take the leap? Browse the latest listings on the region’s #1 website for home search, sibcycline.com.

Need an agent? A REALTOR® from Sibcy Cline is trained to give you the best support and service from start to closing on your transaction.

May Wellness Event: Turning Stress into Success

Sibcy Cline Agents gathered at Kenwood Country Club for May’s wellness event, a panel discussion to share stress management tips.

A certain level of stress is expected in real estate. After all, it’s often the biggest purchase of our lives and there’s a lot at stake. Add in the pressure of a pandemic, a hyper-competitive market for buyers, then top it off with a scarcity of listings, and now you’ve got stress overload. Mental clarity eludes you and productivity plunges.

As a brokerage, it’s part of our mission to help support each other in bringing our best selves to our jobs, so we can all succeed together. In order to address the struggles caused by high stress levels in today’s real estate market, we partnered with WISe Wellness Guild to offer “Turning Stress into Success” an event designed to bring us together to share strategies for stress management.

Stevi Carr of WISe Wellness Guild, Dr. Sarah Crawford, and Dr. Maria Espinola

Agents and employees of Sibcy Cline were invited to gather at Kenwood Country Club for a panel discussion led by Dr. Sarah Crawford and Dr. Maria Espinola. Dr. Crawford is the Owner of Anchor Wellness and a physical therapist specializing in chronic pain. Dr. Espinola is a Harvard-trained psychologist and the CEO of the Institute for Health Equity and Innovation. After the discussion and some stress-relieving exercises led by the doctors, participants were invited for a relaxing happy hour event on the patio.

7 ways to manage “Fight or Flight” from Dr. Sarah Crawford

  • Do more of what makes you feel good (ie; exercise, socialize with friends, walk the dog)
  • Journaling/Reading/Listening to music
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Delegating tasks/responsibilities
  • Nutrition/hydration
  • Cold showers

7 Personal and professional stress-management techniques from Dr. Maria Espinola

Personal techniques

Professional Techniques

  • collaborating with other realtors
  • using apps to stay organized
  • using mindfulness when interacting with clients

See more tips for wellness on Dr. Espinola’s YouTube channel.

Stress Management Resources from WISe Wellness Guild Partners

Mindfulness in Nature

8 Evidence-based Strategies to Reduce Stress

Our Fight or Flight Response in Chronic Stress,

10 Tips for Building Resilience

Sibcy Cline Moms Find Career and Family Flexibility in Real Estate

Mothers’ Day is coming up, so we wanted to check in with some of our Sibcy Cline moms to find out how motherhood and real estate fit together in their lives. What kind of flexibility does a career in real estate offer and does it allow them to be the moms they want to be? Here’s what they had to say.

Maura Black, Sibcy Cline Western Hills

There’s no question that this kind of work allows you significantly more flexibility than some other career paths. This year I have a kindergartner and I block off one morning a month where I help in the classroom. It’s an “appointment” I wouldn’t miss for the world!

I can’t remember a time when real estate was not a part of my family’s life. I grew up in a family that owned a construction company. Our weekends consisted of car rides and visiting dad’s job sites to check on them. As I got older, I helped courier blueprints across town for allowance money!  Being around that taught me that it was good family time and that there was a way I could integrate my family life into my work. I watched people make big deals and that kind of risk-taking was normalized for me.

There’s no question that this kind of work allows you significantly more flexibility than some other career paths. This year I have a kindergartner and I block off one morning a month where I help in their classroom. It’s an “appointment “ I wouldn’t miss for the world! Also, I’m very active on the PTA and I’m so glad I can help the school, AND it has also led to some work-related opportunities for me. Doing good is good for business, too! I also think it’s good for my boys to see that I work hard and observe how to present yourself professionally with clients.

Sherry Powell, Sibcy Cline Fairfield

Real Estate has helped me to be the mother that I want to be because I want my children, especially my daughter, to know that women can have it ALL, family and career. It allows me to show my children that whatever you put your mind to and work hard to accomplish, it can be done!

The opportunity to work around my family life was definitely part of my decision to pursue real estate. My family is everything to me and it is so important for me to be a parent that is PRESENT. I am intentional about building memories with my family. I have three sisters and I am blessed to have both of my parents around so we usually get together to celebrate, especially Sunday dinners at my parents’ house after church. My church family is important to me as well! Real Estate allows me the flexibility to be present at milestones and family events.

Real Estate has helped me to be the mother that I want to be because I want my children, especially my daughter, to know that women can have it ALL, family and career. It allows me to show my children that whatever you put your mind to and work hard to accomplish, it can be done! Real Estate doesn’t feel like work to me because I love helping others pursue their dreams. It is important to live not a balanced life, but a life of harmony where career and personal life don’t compete. I think Mary Kay Ash said it best: “The real success of our personal lives and careers can best be measured by the relationships we have with the people most dear to us — our family, friends, and coworkers. If we fail in this aspect of our lives, no matter how vast our worldly possessions or how high on the corporate ladder we climb, we will have achieved very little.”

Tiffany Allen-Zeuch, Sibcy Cline West Chester

Being my own boss and running a business shows my daughters that girl bosses rock and you can achieve anything if you put in the work.

I obtained my real estate license prior to being married, so I definitely didn’t get into real estate to accommodate my family life. Later I got married and then had two daughters, so I learned how to be flexible and become better at time management once adding kids into the mix with this career.

Being a real estate agent has allowed me many opportunities to be the best mom as possible. Having a flexible schedule has allowed me to go to important events at school. As my kids have gotten older, it has allowed me the flexibility to travel for sporting events. My flexible schedule also allows me to drive my kids to and from school, which is awesome one-on-one time with my kids during the day. Being my own boss and running a business shows my daughters that girl bosses rock and you can achieve anything if you put in the work.

Lauren Ashley Scallon, Sibcy Cline Kenwood

Do I miss meals occasionally? Yes. Have my children learned that I’m not always available? Yes. Do I have to bring home ice cream after late showings? Absolutely.

The opportunity to build my career around my family life was a big part of my decision to pursue real estate, but balance is a “choose your own adventure” in this career. I’m learning to use “no” as a complete sentence. If I can’t, I can’t, and I will refer someone who can. Time is valuable and I have had to reset a few times. Sometimes ambition and family life struggle for middle earth, but my children have agreed to let me represent them in future real estate transactions. So, you could say I’m farming leads from within my own home.

Working in real estate gives me the opportunity to take on something outside of motherhood. It allows me to use my creativity and negotiating skills for things above and beyond finding ways to get a toddler to put on shoes. Do I miss meals occasionally? Yes. Have my children learned that I’m not always available? Yes. Do I have to bring home ice cream after late showings? Absolutely.

Annie Rusche, Sibcy Cline Hyde Park

Real estate has made me a more patient and positive mom.  Closing a deal requires patience and problem-solving, just like getting an infant to sleep through the night or teaching a toddler to eat with a fork.

A lot of the skills that come with being a mom of infant twins and a two-year-old are important to the success of my real estate career: patience, multitasking, answering questions and concerns, communication, and more. Being a real estate agent isn’t just touring pretty houses and writing effortless contracts. It takes a lot of hard work to get from A-Z and you have to continue to help keep your clients positive when you hit bumps in the road. The same goes for raising kids!

Real estate has made me a more patient and positive mom.  Closing a deal requires patience and problem-solving, just like getting an infant to sleep through the night or teaching a toddler to eat with a fork. As a mom, I hope to always be a teacher and caregiver for my kids and working as a real estate agent enhances those skills. 

Being a real estate agent allows me to work and spend as much time with my kids as possible. I don’t have to miss all those special moments because I’m at an office or work a typical work schedule. I get to help clients make one of the most important purchases of their lifetime and attend that important holiday-themed gym class all on the same day. Life is so good as a REALTOR® Mom! 

Jessica Frazier, Sibcy Cline Western Hills

This is a lucrative career that allows me to make memories with my daughter, properly care for her when she’s sick, and pay attention to her wants, needs and desires. I can do all of this without the stress and anxiety of losing my career because I’m taking care of my family.  

My decision to pursue real estate was absolutely about the opportunity to work around my daughter. This is a lucrative career that allows me to make memories with my daughter, properly care for her when she’s sick, and pay attention to her wants, needs and desires. I can do all of this without the stress and anxiety of losing my career because I’m taking care of my family.  

As a single parent, any career choice can be quite challenging. However, becoming a realtor has allowed me to be the best mom because I run the show!  This career option allows me to make an impact on the community, help others realize their dream of home ownership, volunteer for school activities, and be home to cook meals and spend quality time with my daughter. I can attend her performances and pickup/dropoff to school everyday, all while doing what I love! In this tough market, it’s easy to lose sight of time and get too busy. so setting boundaries is extremely important to being the best mom and keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Regina Hamilton, Sibcy Cline Harrison

We had to put a lot of time and dedication into our business while our children were young and unfortunately, that meant missing out on sports events and other moments. While it was hard, there were many parts of life that were a complete blessing. Our children saw us work hard for our family and were taught at a very young age nothing comes without hard work.

I first started real estate to make extra income. After about 3 years, my husband Gary’s company closed and he started helping me. The dynamic worked and we never looked back. We are an extremely tight-knit family and have been able to balance work and family life.

Working in real estate has presented it challenges. We had to put a lot of time and dedication into our business while our children were young and unfortunately, that meant missing out on sports events and other moments. While it was hard, there were many parts of life that were a complete blessing. Our children saw us work hard for our family and were taught at a very young age nothing comes without hard work. While our oldest two children pursued other careers, our youngest son Jesse is now part of Team Hamilton as a real estate agent. Building a family business that one of our children can be a part of has been worth all the hard work and dedication!  

Stacy Rickert, Sibcy Cline Montgomery

I can volunteer at school, attend their events and functions while creating a real estate network within mom life. My kids are a part of my business and my business includes my kids. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

I started in real estate before I had kids, but a family was definitely on my mind. I had no idea at the time what an important role this career choice would play as a busy mom.

A career in real estate has allowed me to be the mother I want to be by being able to be present and involved in my kids activities and day to day life.  I can volunteer at school, attend their events and functions while creating a real estate network within mom life. My kids are a part of my business and my business includes my kids. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Libby Paulinelli, Sibcy Cline Montgomery

Being a real estate agent allows me to be the Mom I want to be in many ways. It is so important to me to be present every minute I get with Daniel.

Even though I started real estate before I became a mother, the flexibility to work around family life was a big deciding factor. My mom always said it worked well for her when we were little, and now that I’m able to experience it firsthand, I’m SO glad I did. 

Being a real estate agent allows me to be the Mom I want to be in many ways. It is so important to me to be present every minute I get with Daniel. It took a few months to figure out with an unpredictable schedule, but we’ve created what works best for us. He even enjoys coming to showings with me sometimes!

Kas Winkler, Sibcy Cline Northeast

As a single mom my job allows me the flexibility I need in the daily grind. I also know with the right mindset and consistency that the possibilities are endless.

Having made a lot of life changes in the past few years this one seemed to be one of the next chapters of my book. As a single mom, my job allows me the flexibility I need in the daily grind. I also know with the right mindset and consistency that the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Making the change to become a real estate agent was something I worked hard to achieve. I think my daughter can see how hard I work at my job but also how much I love it.

Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Ronnie Weiss

  • Hometown: Okeana, Ohio 
  • Current home: White Oak, Ohio 
  • Proudest career accomplishment: Changing people’s lives with homeownership 
  • Favorite local hangouts: Local backyard firepit or any place with my wife  

“I’m glad I enjoy what I do, and I’ve never called it ‘work’ from day one,” said Ronnie Weiss, explaining that the thing he likes most about his job as a mortgage consultant with Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services is his ability to make such a significant impact on individuals and families who want to become homeowners. “It’s great to see people able to buy a home when just a year before they were struggling with building credit or coming off a hardship.”  

Like many others in the business, real estate was something Ronnie unexpectedly found himself in, but quickly realized that he was in the right spot. He was managing retail leather stores in local malls, occasionally working with a friend at a title company, and that led him to the mortgage business in Marco Island, Florida. “A couple of years after that, a partner and I owned mortgage offices in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida,” said Ronnie. Helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership was something that gave him a sense of purpose. “I learned not to look at things as problems, but rather as opportunities for solutions.”  

Moving back to Ohio was a decision motivated by wanting to help care for his aging grandparents who were bedridden. “No matter how hard it was to care for them, I would never go back and change the fact that I was able to allow them to pass in the home my grandpa built when they were first married in the 40’s. I’m even happier to say I own this house now and it’s where I plan to raise my family.”  

Staying settled in the Cincinnati area is important to Ronnie and his wife Mila, who have been married since 2019. When he began searching for a new job in 2021, he wanted to find a place where he could see himself working until he retired. Known as “the fedora guy” for his trademark hat, Ronnie was looking for a place he could hang his hat, a career home; Sibcy Cline felt like that kind of company. “What stood out was the number of long-time employees I found; it was a major deciding factor. I felt comfortable in the interviews and really enjoyed the atmosphere.”  

Although he finds his work rewarding and feels like he’s found the right company to spend the duration of his career, Ronnie also values time off to spend with family and enjoy life. He and Mila like to explore the area and spend time at Cincinnati parks. A lover of automobilia—any memorabilia related to classic cars—Ronnie likes to search old barns for rare finds. “I can’t wait to find that missing Duesenberg, Bugatti, or Fiat,” he says, adding that he also enjoys “working on old cars, motorcycles, or anything with a motor that goes fast.”  

Employee Spotlight: Eric Barrett

Title:  VP of Professional Development

Hometown: Meadville, PA 

Current home:  Miami Township 

Proudest career or life accomplishment: I’ll never not say “my kids” to a question like this. But if we’re talking career, then it’s being asked by Xavier University to teach in their psychology department, and having a chance to shape the next generation of I/O Psychologists 

Favorite local hangouts: The Governor in Old Milford 

As an Industrial Organizational Psychologist (say that 3 times fast!), Eric Barrett never thought he’d find himself in the real estate business. 12 years ago he was working with a consulting firm, traveling to a new city every few days, and working with Fortune 500 companies.

“But after one particularly long trip on the road, I decided enough was enough.  I wanted to find a company that had a great culture, was looking to be an innovator in their field, and most of all, didn’t require me to travel a lot,” says Eric. “Sibcy Cline fit the bill perfectly. And while I never thought I’d end up in real estate, I honestly have a hard time believing I’d be anywhere else.”

If Eric was looking for a place to innovate, he found it at Sibcy Cline. He soon discovered that his job not only allowed innovation, but required it. “I have to continually re-evaluate how we deliver training to agents. And that means constantly learning new ways of doing things.”

The impact of those innovative efforts to deliver more and better training to agents creates a huge impact on the Sibcy Cline organization and beyond. As a brokerage, we are known for the extensive training we provide our agents. When new agents are choosing a brokerage, one of the reasons they cite for partnering with us is the quality of our training programs.

Classes like Eric’s, “The Psychology of Selling Real Estate” CE class expand our agent’s skills beyond the nuts and bolts. This class has been is popular not just within the brokerage, but with outside agents as well, and was picked up by the National Association of REALTORS who included it as one of their offerings to agents across the country.

Being the only Industrial Organizational psychologist in the world of real estate (as far as he knows), gives Eric the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience he has from his educational and professional background to the trainings Sibcy Cline provides. “We want agents to get something meaningful out of their time with us, but we also want it to be a fun experience.”

Delivering something meaningful and fun to 1000+ agents in the Sibcy Cline brokerage can be exhausting, but it’s also what Eric loves most about his job. “There’s always some new challenge, some new agent to help, some new program to roll out. I get to see how changes I make impact both the brokerage and our agents, which isn’t always possible in the work of an I/O psychologist. At Sibcy Cline, I get to see it all play out.”

One of the ways that agent training has been significantly challenged is by the need to move classes online during the pandemic. “We’ve had to re-think not just the classes we offer, but how we offer them. We’ve had to find new ways of integrating technology. But one thing that’s never changed is helping agents succeed. Seeing those moments when someone “gets it” are worth all the challenges we’ve faced.”

As the pandemic drags on, Sibcy Cline has continued offering online trainings, but the goal remains to get as many classes back in person as possible. “Real estate is fundamentally a ‘people business’ and training people in person is always going to be better because great learning tends to happen agent-to-agent. I’m a huge fan of technology and the convenience of digital training, but I look forward to having more in person classes, bigger venues, and regular training back in our branch offices.”

Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Cindy Menth

  • Hometown: Sharonville, OH
  • Current home: Waynesville, OH
  • Proudest life accomplishment: Opening and running Stone Creek Farms in Waynesville
  • Favorite local hang-outs: Any vintage, antique, or salvage store

Being charged with the important tasks of keeping up with two of Sibcy Cline’s top executives is not for someone who is easily daunted. As executive assistant to President Robin Sheakley and General Sales Manager Bob Mahoney for going on three years, Cindy Menth is a powerhouse on her own: committed to excellence, a high performer with a strong business sense, she communicates confidence and positivity.  

The key to her job happiness, Cindy admits, is the ability to remain flexible, along with what she calls her “mom qualities”, or the emotional intelligence to be tuned into and anticipate the needs of others. These strengths are what allow her to daily juggle the schedules, demands, and priorities of two busy people. “What makes it easier is that even though they have different personalities and business styles, they have learned to blend their leadership styles to create balance in the organization.  At times my job is hectic, but Sibcy Cline is a great environment.”  

You might think that keeping up with two executives would be enough, but Cindy continues living life at a fast pace outside of her job at Sibcy Cline.  She and her husband Bill Menth own a furniture and home décor store, Stone Creek Farms, in Waynesville. Both Cindy and Bill work full time during the week and then open the store on weekends. “I’m excited for the upcoming Christmas in the Village in downtown Waynesville. It will be adorned with traditional décor and takes on a nostalgic feeling…. over 1300 luminaries, strolling Dickens’ characters, carriage rides, Santa, and more. I’m sure the store will be busy!”  

Admitting that she “thrives on chaos”, Cindy has no plans to scale things back anytime soon. She loves variety and the fast pace, while finding the most reward in helping others.  “I love the fact that people trust me to work hard to get answers for them,” she says. “I love being a resource people count on.”  

One of many at Sibcy Cline who lost loved ones during the pandemic, Cindy lost her dad this past year to COVID, but feels a strong sense of gratitude for where she is in life and everything she has. “I’m watching my children become adults, living my best life with my best friend and husband, and working with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met while having a small business doing what we love. I feel like I have been looking forward to everything I have now for my entire life.” 

Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Tammy Young

  • Title: Relocation Director
  • Hometown: Amelia, Ohio
  • Current Home: Amelia, Ohio
  • Proudest Life Accomplishment: Becoming a Grandma
  • Proudest Career Accomplishment: Serving on the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) Advisory Council
  • Favorite local hangouts: Hiking with my dogs at East Fork State Park or Cincinnati Nature Center

Tammy Young’s job as Relocation Director for Sibcy Cline gives her many opportunities to help others. One thing she has found most rewarding in 18 years with Relocation Services is the difference she and her team are able to make in people’s lives when they need to relocate. “They are starting a new job, moving to an unfamiliar area, uprooting children from schools, and leaving their relatives and friends behind. We strive to make the home sale or purchase process as smooth as possible.”

In 2020, Tammy had the unique opportunity to make a big difference in the life of one of her family members: her cousin, Donnie Lawrence. Donnie had served several tours overseas with the U.S. Army, spending nearly a decade away from home and missing much of his daughter’s early years. When his time of service concluded, he returned home for good and was ready to buy a home in Clermont County, where he grew up.

That’s where Tammy came in. She was able to offer help to Donnie through Sibcy Cline’s Military on the Move® rebate program, while also connecting him with a Sibcy Cline REALTOR® team and a loan officer through Sibcy Cline Mortgage. With one united team on his side to support him, Donnie was able to purchase his first home and get cash back at the closing table.

Click here to read Donnie’s full story.

Not only was the entire process of seeing her cousin home with his family a rewarding personal experience for Tammy, but it was a professional success as well. Sibcy Cline received the “Hero of the Year” award from LeadingRE for proving above and beyond service to a community hero.

“This award is a professional honor, but more important, a personal honor,” Tammy says. “Donnie served several tours overseas, which resulted in many sleepless nights for his family. I was honored to see him safe and sound here, but also to be able to offer him the rebate. It was the least I could do.”

Tammy highly values being part of the LeadingRE network, which is the largest network of independent brokerages throughout the world. One of her proudest career accomplishments is serving as vice chair of their advisory council this year and moving into the role of chairperson in 2022. “The fact that I was nominated and elected by my peers is such an honor. I still look around the room at LeadingRE events and am astounded to be part of such a great organization with a wealth of industry talent,” says Tammy.

In addition to working with LeadingRE, the thing Tammy likes best about her job is working with branch managers and agents. “Our branch managers have so much knowledge and are always willing to answer questions, work together to resolve issues, or brainstorm solutions. I find our agents to be more thorough [than agents from other brokerages] about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Sibcy Cline just has good people that really care.”

The work Tammy does with Sibcy Cline and LeadingRE is not the only thing she’s proud of, though. “My proudest life accomplishment is becoming a Grammy, that’s the best promotion I have ever received. I thought being ‘Mom’ to three incredible kids was amazing, but seeing an entire new generation is such a joyous feeling,” she says.

Read Donnie’s full story and find out more about the Military on the Move program here.