Sibcy Cline’s Website Earns Quality Certification for 2017

SplashPage_2017.pngSibcy Cline’s website has earned the Website Qualification Certification (WQC) for 2017 from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a global community of 550 high-quality independent real estate firms. The certification was presented in recognition of excellence in website design and function.

Sibcy Cline’s website earned the certification after receiving high marks in a number of critical areas relating to website performance, including usability, design and content, interactivity, customer service and mobile responsiveness. The evaluation was conducted by Virtual Results, LLC, a real estate Internet and social marketing firm selected to review the websites of participating members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

“We created the WQC to raise the bar in online marketing and recognize the companies that are demonstrating best practices with their websites,” said Leading Real Estate Companies of the World President/CEO Pam O’Connor. “The companies that earned the WQC this year have not only mastered the technical components, but they have also shown superiority in providing highly local content, up-to-the-minute information on homes, and responsive customer service.”

Sibcy Cline’s website averages (depending upon time of year) between 26,000-45,000 daily visits with 77,000-145,000 listing pages viewed.

See a list of all WQC real estate companies here.

The Best Cincinnati Apps To Use

Do you use apps on your mobile device? reports there are 2.0 million apps in Apple’s App Store and 2.2 million apps for Android users. There is an app for just about everything.

Apps make looking at information easier. Statistics show that mobile users are using their devises via an app 88% of the time and on a web browser only 12% of the time. The most popular app is Facebook per ComScore!

Here are some local Cincinnati apps you may find useful and are free to download:

Real Estate App (Sibcy Cline Realtors)

Sibcy Cline has an app to assist in your home search. Draw an area on the map and find homes for sale. Hold up your phone and rotate it 360 degrees. Nearby properties will appear.

Fix It Cincy App

Easily find public services that you may need to notify (transportation/engineering, buildings/inspections, health, etc… The service requests go directly to a request system. You can add a photo if you like when making your request.
Apple App
Android App

Cincinnati Parks App
There are 70 parks and 34 nature preserves to enjoy in Cincinnati. Use this app to get directions, trail maps, coupons as well as view upcoming events.
Android App

Downtown Cincinnati App

This app helps you navigate downtown Cincinnati: eat, shop, stay and play. You can search by type of cuisine, see hours that businesses are open and have links to major events.
Apple App
Android App

Cincinnati Reds App
Order tickets, upgrade your seat on the ball park or explore the park with maps and concession menus. You can even find info on your favorite player.
Apple App
Android App

Cincinnati Bengals App
Roar for the Bengals with this app. See breaking news, foot ball stats and video. You can also enjoy post-game blogs. This app aggregates Bengals tweets, too.
Apple App
Android App

Cincinnati Library App

Readers love this app. Search the catalog and place holds, see hours for the branch locations, scan any book and see if it is available and look at the library’s calendar events.
Apple App
Android App

Red Bike App

If you enjoy renting of the red bikes, this app will show you the closest Red Bike Station.
Apple App
Android App

Cincinnati Parking Meter App

Metered parking in Cincinnati is easy with your smart phone. If you are using one of the 4,000 street meters in the city use the PassportParking mobile pay app. You can also extend your parking session to the maximum time permitted. And, you will receive a 10-minute reminder before your parking session expires.
Apple App
Android App

The Business Journals App
Stay connected to local business news.

Cincinnati Food Truck Association App
Hungry? Find a local food truck!
Cincinnati Metro App
Although the Cincinnati Metro buses have not created their own app, they have a web page that showcases some third-party apps that one can use here.
architourArchiTourCincinnati App
This interactive app can help you with a self-guided tour of the city. Find three walking tours for downtown. Information about local restaurants and pubs along your route is also available on this app.

CincyEZ Ride App

This app lets your coordinate your rides between the Cincinnati Metro bus service and the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar systems. Plan your trip and pay for your fare!




Cincinnati is a Techie City

Young couple using tablet.Relaxing.Cincinnati, Ohio was ranked among the top 10 mid-sized cities and the top 100 cities overall for a top tech job. The survey reviewed average salaries, job availability, cost of living and a location quotient. Cincinnati’s rankings came in at:

  • #9 – Mid-sized cities
  • #49 – Overall in the U.S.

The top cities for techies? San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington D.C. See the rankings here.

Cincinnati was also ranked #7 for “10 Cities that are Secretly Great for Tech Grads” per a blog by DataFox. The blog noted the city has a good balance of Fortune 500 firms along with many startup businesses. See the blog here. Sets a Record with 153 Million Page Views in 2015!

2015 was a busy year for real estate, Sibcy Cline’s agents and the company’s website. Here are some year-end statistics about


  • 152,965,454 total page views
  • 43,395,444 listing detail pages viewed (with an average of 3,378,954 pages viewed monthly)
  • 74% of the time users are looking at “listing search results”
  • 20% increase in total visits as compared to 2014
  • 21% increase in average daily visits as compared to 2014
  • 50% increase in Facebook traffic as compared to 2014 with 1.5 million visits
  • 58% of traffic was via mobile or tablet devices (as compared to 47% in 2014)

Statistics courtesy of: Larry Fisher, Sibcy Cline Web Master


Vinit Kohli, Vice President of Management Information Systems for Sibcy Cline Realtors Is Featured in Lead Magazine


Vinit Kohli, Vice President of Management Information Systems for Sibcy Cline Realtors, was interviewed in the recent issue of Lead Magazine.

Vinit talked about providing the public and our agents with the best real estate services, including one-stop services for the real estate process. He also spoke of the importance of always looking at new ways of doing business to make sure the real estate experience is the best ever at Sibcy Cline – for our agents and their clients!

Says Vinit, “One of my responsibilities is to make sure we continue to look for new ideas that might have significant positive impact to the business. Technology has radically changed how real estate is done now…”

It Takes A Team
Sibcy Cline Technology is a team of professionals who work very hard and stay focused on many projects. This past year, the department had several large initiatives for Sibcy Cline’s agents:

  • Contact management
  • SkySlope e-signatures and document management solution
  • Rollout of new wireless networks for mobile devices
  • Upgrading the company-wide WAN network

In addition, new printers and scanners have been installed in many of the offices to allow printing from agents’ mobile devices. Documents are now easily retrieved at the agents’ fingertips. (All offices will have this ability in the upcoming months.)

Recently The Appointment Center was upgraded to a new phone system that has been working smoothly for the busy spring season to handle all of the showing appointments for our agents.

On the mobile front, a new agent search app was introduced for agents. This app can quickly search all MLS agents and their contact information.

An extensive user eye-tracking study was conducted last year to improve the website experience. From this study, changes were integrated on the public website for an even better search experience for web visitors.

Technology Services also hired a User Interface Designer to work with its Development Team to provide the best web visitor experience and continue to provide an easy and user-friendly home search experience.


Sibcy Cline’s Web Site Hits A Record

Are people interested in homes? Yes. And Sibcy Cline’s web site can prove it.

The web site hit  a record number in March with 41,556 average daily visits. The prior record was set in April 2014 with 37,859 visits – that’s 9.7% increase in the number of visits.

What so many visits?
Consumer confidence is at the highest level in over a decade. Job creation, easing of credit loans and consumer confidence in the economy has led to a resurged interest in housing. Interest rates are still low, making purchasing a home even more appealing. Since housing values are starting to rise in most areas, buyers feel confident in purchasing a home once again. – Easy to use website 
Another reason for a record-setting number of views is also the fact that Sibcy Cline’s web site is the dominant real estate site for the region. It pulls in substantially more web traffic than any other local real estate broker.

The site offers buyers an easy-to-use and accurate place for researching homes. Viewers can easily see large photos of homes along with many details including house specs, community information and an interactive location map.

Advanced searches for homes on the web site can include: new listings, price changes, open houses as well as new construction filters. Buyers can preview homes by city/suburb, school district or county. There are even more filters for home search including price and home type.

The web site makes home search easy.

Sibcy Cline has been running a robust radio ad campaign promoting the web site since January.

March 2015 Statistics

  • 8 minutes – average time spent on the site per visit
  • 11 pages – average number of pages viewed per visit
  • 13,9146  listing detail (property) pages – average views daily
  • 4,313,514 listing detail (property) pages  – total viewed in March
  • 29,973 unique visitors – daily average

Is it time to sell your home?
There is currently a shortage of homes for sale in our market areas. If you have been considering selling your home, now would be a good time to do so. Contact your Sibcy Cline agent.