Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Ronnie Weiss

  • Hometown: Okeana, Ohio 
  • Current home: White Oak, Ohio 
  • Proudest career accomplishment: Changing people’s lives with homeownership 
  • Favorite local hangouts: Local backyard firepit or any place with my wife  

“I’m glad I enjoy what I do, and I’ve never called it ‘work’ from day one,” said Ronnie Weiss, explaining that the thing he likes most about his job as a mortgage consultant with Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services is his ability to make such a significant impact on individuals and families who want to become homeowners. “It’s great to see people able to buy a home when just a year before they were struggling with building credit or coming off a hardship.”  

Like many others in the business, real estate was something Ronnie unexpectedly found himself in, but quickly realized that he was in the right spot. He was managing retail leather stores in local malls, occasionally working with a friend at a title company, and that led him to the mortgage business in Marco Island, Florida. “A couple of years after that, a partner and I owned mortgage offices in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida,” said Ronnie. Helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership was something that gave him a sense of purpose. “I learned not to look at things as problems, but rather as opportunities for solutions.”  

Moving back to Ohio was a decision motivated by wanting to help care for his aging grandparents who were bedridden. “No matter how hard it was to care for them, I would never go back and change the fact that I was able to allow them to pass in the home my grandpa built when they were first married in the 40’s. I’m even happier to say I own this house now and it’s where I plan to raise my family.”  

Staying settled in the Cincinnati area is important to Ronnie and his wife Mila, who have been married since 2019. When he began searching for a new job in 2021, he wanted to find a place where he could see himself working until he retired. Known as “the fedora guy” for his trademark hat, Ronnie was looking for a place he could hang his hat, a career home; Sibcy Cline felt like that kind of company. “What stood out was the number of long-time employees I found; it was a major deciding factor. I felt comfortable in the interviews and really enjoyed the atmosphere.”  

Although he finds his work rewarding and feels like he’s found the right company to spend the duration of his career, Ronnie also values time off to spend with family and enjoy life. He and Mila like to explore the area and spend time at Cincinnati parks. A lover of automobilia—any memorabilia related to classic cars—Ronnie likes to search old barns for rare finds. “I can’t wait to find that missing Duesenberg, Bugatti, or Fiat,” he says, adding that he also enjoys “working on old cars, motorcycles, or anything with a motor that goes fast.”  

Celebrate National Women’s Equality Day at a Special Pop-Up Auction with Second Story Auctions – August 26-29, 2016



Second Story Auctions is hosting a “pop up” auction starting August 26, 2016. This day is designated as National Women’s Equality Day and commemorates women’s ability and right to vote with the 19th Amendment. The auction’s special sale will feature luxury goods that women enjoy for four days, ending on Monday, August 29th.

So, ladies, take your stand and right to bid. The vote is in and this is a really great sale! Find something special from this auction that makes you happy. (Men, think about getting your special lady a gift!)

There are 100 items in the pop-up sale, including fine jewelry, designer fashion and handbags, fine antiques, silver and more. Here are a few of the items in this sale:

1 k diamond plat ringDiamonds are a girl’s best friend and so is this diamond and platinum ring!

Hermes scarf – oooh la la!

Burberry Shirt 2
A classic! Love this plaid! Burberry Women’s Shirt.

Tiffany Necklace 2“Wow” someone with a Tiffany necklace

Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag. LV = classic style!

boardman sterling mint julip cupBoardman Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cup

DVF Pumps

Diane von Furstenberg Cork High Heel Shoes

And so many more items. Take a peek at a few more…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A portion of the proceeds from this pop-up auction will be donated to Girls Who Code, an organization that empowers women with computer science education and skills to pursue tech opportunities and innovations.

Sibcy Cline Realtors is a partner of Second Story Auctions. The auction website features full and partial estates from Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

Northern Kentucky Has Five Percent Increase in Home Sales in March

Kentucky_sign.jpgNorthern Kentucky home sales are still going strong. The region had a 5.36% increase in sales for March as compared to March 2015. Here are the statistics:

March 2016 vs March 2015

  • 5.36% Increase in homes sold (550 homes vs 522 homes)
  • 1.10% Increase in average sale price ($163,381 vs $161,605)
  • 1.02% Increase in median sale price ($142,125 vs $140,687)
  • 6.52% Increase in sales volume

January – March 2016 vs January – March 2015

  • 9.86% Increase in homes sold (1,248 homes vs 1,136 homes)
  • 4.50% Increase in average sale price ($160,675 vs $153,750)
  • 4.14% Increase in median sale price ($139,900 vs $134,350)
  • 14.81% Increase in sales volume

Homes are selling quickly when they are priced correctly and in good condition. Look at homes for sale here.

Statistics courtesy of: Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors Home Sales Report – March 2016



Dayton Home Sales Rise in January

Dayton_Evening_BridgeHomes are selling in Dayton, Ohio. In January, the region saw a 12.95% increase in home sales as compared to January 2015. Here are the statistics:

January 2016 vs January 2015

  • 12.95% Increase in home sales (820 homes vs 726 homes)
  • 8.8% Increase in sales volume
  • .97% Increase in % sale/list price (.97% vs .95.67%)
  • -3.06% Decrease in median sale price ($104,700 vs $108,000)
  • -3.39% Decrease in average sale price ($124,943 vs $129,328)

It’s a great time to list and sell your home. Mortgage rates are still low and the inventory of homes for sale remains low.

Look at homes for sale here.

Statistics courtesy of: Dayton Area Board of Realtors Home Sales Report, January 2016


Cincinnati Home Sales in January – One of the Best Ever

Cincinnati Ohio Skyline at NightCincinnati home sales for January 2016 were strong and was one of the best Januarys ever with a 9.6% increase as compared to January 2015. Here are the statistics for the month:

January 2016 vs January 2015

  • 9.62% Increase in homes sold (1,367 homes vs 1,247 homes)
  • 11.79% Increase in gross sales volume
  • 1.97% Increase in average sale price ($166,178 vs $162,964)
  • 8.55% Increase in median sale price ($127,000 vs $117,000)

With a low inventory of homes for sale, the average price of properties has continued to climb.

Now is the time to list your home to sell. Demand for quality homes is high. Mortgage interest rates ares still low.

Look at homes for sale here.

Statistics courtesy of: Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors Home Sales Report, January 2016

Dayton Has Six Percent Increase in Home Sales in November

Dayton, Ohio and the Great Miami River (P)
The Dayton, Ohio region had an increase in sales in November with a 5.59% increase as compared to November 2014. Here are the statistics:

November 2015 vs November 2014

  • 5.59% Increase in unit home sales (994 vs 894)
  • 7.34% Increase in sales volume
  • 2.21% Increase in median home sale price ($115,000 vs $113,000)
  • 2.13% Increase in average home sale price ($136,543 vs $133,465)

January – November 2015 vs January – November 2014

  • 11.30% Increase in unit home sales (13,500 vs 12,129)
  • 16.19% Increase in sales volume
  • 4.35% Increase in median home sale price ($120,000 vs $115,000)
  • 5.05% Increase in average home sale price ($140,640 vs $133,882)

Look at homes for sale here.

Statistics courtesy of: Dayton Area Board of Realtors Home Sales Report, November 2015


Eight Tips for a First-Time Home Buyer

House of clouds dream
You are thinking of purchasing your first home! It’s an exciting time. Here are eight tips to consider when taking that large step:

1. Stay on Budget 
A “starter” home is exactly that. Your first home will most probably not be your dream home and you will not live there forever. But, this starter home can help you build equity so down the road you can afford that dream home.

Before you begin your home search, talk to a mortgage loan officer to understand how much home you can afford. Besides the monthly mortgage payment, you will also need to consider property taxes, insurance, association fees, if any, as well as future maintenance costs.

2. House or Condominium
Depending upon your lifestyle, either a single-family house or condominium may be the best option. A condo gives you freedom from many outdoor maintenance chores. And you may also enjoy the benefit of a community pool, workout area or other amenities. On the other hand, that free-standing house is all yours to enjoy without the bother of a condominium association and its dues and rules.

3. New or Old
A newly built home will mean more modern conveniences and an open floor plan. However, older “existing” homes can offer charm as well as offer up-to-date features. If an older, fixer upper appeals to you, then expect some sweat equity (or an investment) to improve the home. Can you afford those costs or do the needed work yourself?

4. Location
You may need to be flexible about your location. A highly desirable area tends to have higher price tags for homes.

5. Must-Haves
When you make a list of the features you want in your first home, keep in mind that you probably will not get all of them. Make priorities for your list. Is a garage necessary? Do you really need a third bedroom? Does the kitchen need to be an open plan? Is the school district important?

6. Open Mind
You may need to see past the clutter and old home decor to see a home’s true potential. Look beyond a terrible paint selection and think of the possibilities of what the home has to offer.

7. Offers and Home Inspection
When making an offer on a home through your real estate agent, be prepared for a counter offer or rejection. If the real estate market is brisk, you may need to act fast with your offer in order not to lose out. If you do not ultimately get the home, do not stress. Remember, there will be another home for you.

If your offer for the home is accepted, the deal is not done. You will need to have a whole-house inspection on the property. If there are problems with the home, these issues will need to be addressed and negotiated. If the home shows serious defects, you may want to rescind your offer.

8. You’ve Bought the Home
Once you have purchased your first home, your work is not over. You will need to save for future home-maintenance expenses. And, speaking of home maintenance, it is important to keep your home in good shape on a seasonal basis. Fix small problems immediately so they do not grow into larger ones. Before doing any major renovations, think about how the changes will affect the resale value of your home. Over improving may not bring in more money when it is time to sell.

Start looking for homes here!

First-Time Home Buyer Seminar on November 12, 2015 in Kenwood

House shape inside shopping cart
A first-time home buyer seminar will be held at the Sibcy Cline Kenwood office on Thursday, November 12, 2015 from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

Sibcy Cline Kenwood
8040 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

This seminar is hosted by Emily Farthing, a Mortgage Consultant (Loan Officer) with Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services. She will be presenting:

  • Purchasing a home in the changing climate of the current economy
  • Stages of purchasing a home
  • Short sale and foreclosure property information
  • Pre-qualification requirements for a mortgage loan

A reservation for the seminar can be made: or 513-706-4898.

Remember, buying a home is a big deal and a large investment. It is also a very exciting time as homeownership is very rewarding. If you have been thinking about purchasing a home for the first time you will need to understand the processes and requirements for obtaining a mortgage loan and how much house you can afford. Attend this seminar and get your questions answered!

Third Quarter Home Sales Is Outpacing Last Year in Northern Kentucky

Bridge in Cincinnati
Home sales in Northern Kentucky are still strong and year to date the region has seen a 4 percent in the number of homes sold. For the month of September, the average sale price increased almost 7 percent as compared to September 2014. Here are the statistics:

January – September 2015 vs January – September 2014

  • 3.58% Increase in homes sold (4,745 vs 4,579 homes)
  • 5.54% Increase in average sale price ($163.611 vs $155,016)
  • 6.34% Increase in median sale price ($142,500 vs $134,000)
  • 9.32% Increase in sales volume
  • 73 days average days in market (vs 80 days in 2014)

September 2015 vs September 2014

  • -.18% Decrease in homes sold (545 vs 546 homes)
  • 6.63% Increase in average sale price ($164,872 vs $154,622)
  • 6.79% Increase in median sale price ($139,900 vs $131,000)
  • 6.43% Increase in sales volume
  • 70 days average days in market (vs 80 days in 2014)

It’s a great time to sell and buy a home. Look at homes for sale here.

Statistics courtesy of: Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors Home Sales Report, September 2015