Cincinnati is Ranked Number One for Pet Lovers

CincinnatiDogDogs might be man’s best friend, but Cincinnati is dog’s best friend. WalletHub recently ranked the top 100 cities based on their “creature-friendliness”. The list of metrics that helped Cincinnati attain the top spot on the list include veterinary care costs, number of veterinarians per capita, dog parks per capita, and pet-friendly trails. Here’s a great local pet resource page if you looking for parks, vets, groomers, trainers and so much more.

So what’s your favorite part about having a pet in Cincinnati?

Are Cats or Dogs Best for You and Your Home?

Are cats or dogs better for you and your home?

The information below is going to cause some controversy because people love their pets. Some love cats. Some hate cats. Some love dogs.  Some hate dogs. (And, some love both.)

Here is what has to say which is best for homes…



Annual Costs:
Cats – $450/year
Dogs – $660/year

Cats – Take care of themselves
Dogs – Some breeds need to be groomed monthly

House Training
Cats – Quickly trained with litter boxes
Dogs – 1-2 weeks to be trained and must be let outside

Cats – Not much space needed
Dogs – Need more room and yard, usually (depending upon breed); fence might be required

Cats – Usually exercise on their own
Dogs – Usually need to be walked or let loose in the yard

Cats – Not heavy eaters (250-300 calories daily) and usually only eat when hungry
Dogs  – Depending upon breed for quantity of food (30 calories per pound daily) and some breeds have to have their food regulated or they will eat in a gluttonous fashion

Motovo’s conclusion? Cats are easier to take care of, but this blogger thinks that people will still love and care for their pooches, too!

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