How To Create Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home


Selling your home? When a potential buyer drives by, make sure your home “puts its best foot forward” and has curb appeal. Here are some tips:

The Front Door
Make sure your front door looks it best because this is one of the first things a buyer will see. Does the door need a fresh coat of paint or stain? Are the door’s windows clean? Is the hardware looking shiny and new? (And, how is that welcome mat looking?) When painting your door, you may want to consider red, green, brown or black to create interest or contrast to the home’s exterior.

Does Your Home Need Painting?
Take a good look at the outside of your home. Is the paint in great condition? If not, painting is one of the most economic ways to make an update. Remember, the outside of your home makes that first important impression to buyers.

Let There Be Light
A home illuminated at dusk looks so lovely. It’s that extra TLC for your home that makes a positive impression with buyers. A lit driveway makes it feel larger. Lighting around the front door and at the front door adds drama and allure.

The Mailbox
Make sure your mailbox is in great condition and your home address numbers are visible and clean. These two items can add a bit of style to your home if you make updates. Get some ideas here and here.

Plants and Landscaping
Fresh, new plants can add interest and color to the front of your home. Add pots or planters and you have an instant garden. If you add plants near your front door, be sure to add them to both sides as a symmetric look is most pleasing to the eye. See some ideas here.

Your yard should be raked and clean of debris and toys. The grass needs to mowed. If the season is right, fresh mulch makes a yard look fresh.

A cracked or stained driveway should be repaired and/or cleaned.

Added Touches
You may want to add some interest to the landscaping or front porch of your home with a special outdoor sculpture, wind chimes or a fountain.

Additional moldings around a door frame can create a stately quality to a front door. Window shutters can also enhance a home’s exterior beauty.

Need visual inspiration?

  • Check out a Houzz blog here with photos.

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