Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home in Autumn

It’s autumn – a beautiful time of year to enjoy, especially when the leaves are bursting with color. If you are selling your home at this time of year, use the season to your advantage when staging it and add curb appeal:

Fall Debris
With the fall season comes falling leaves. Make sure your gutters are free of debris. You will also need to be diligent about keeping the lawn and sidewalk free of leaves. You may want to invest in a leaf blower to make this chore go more quickly.

Your summer flowers should be pulled or trimmed. If the weather is still warm, consider planting some fall plants such as mums, asters or marigolds.

Tasteful fall decor can add appeal to your home’s exterior. Things look best placed in three’s. These little touches will make your home look warmer and more inviting.

When daylight hours are shorter, be sure to have adequate lighting for evening showings.

Be sure to keep up on your fall exterior home maintenance list: Touch up paint. Cover up and fill and holes. Store your lawn equipment. Turn off exterior water faucets.

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Five Curb-Appeal Ideas to Consider When Selling Your Home

Curb appeal plays an important role in luring potential buyers to want to see what’s inside the home for sale, too.

An alluring walkway, an array of colorful flowers, an inviting nighttime glow and other visually pleasing characteristics can draw more people, and subsequently increase competition for the property and raise its overall value.

Here are a few of the curb-appeal projects buyers will be drawn to:

1 – Stick with Sustainability
Sustainability is popular among homeowners and buyers. Luckily it isn’t difficult to boost curb appeal in a sustainable way. One perpetually popular curb appeal project is a well-lit walkway. When potential buyers drive by the property at night they will be enamored with all of the lights. Solar-powered path lights can kick up your curb appeal in this sustainable and affordable way. Look here  and here for ideas.

Additionally, home sellers may want to try using sustainable materials. Walkways made of reclaimed stone or siding composed of recycled materials will appeal to buyers with sustainability on the mind. (See more about stone walk ways with tip #4.)

2 – Enhance the Front Door
Make your front door a statement piece and focus! Paint it to stand out. Replace door fixtures and hardware. Perhaps consider adding wood moldings around the door. Look for ideas here and here.

3 – Instant Garden
Container gardens add color and are appealing. Place them in a staggered,  asymmetric arrangement. Find ideas here and here.

4 – Buyers Love Low Maintenance
A front yard should look lovely, but require little work. This means choosing flowers and other plants that are hardy enough to survive with minimal attention; and products that rarely, if ever, need repairs or touch ups. From gutters to gardens, there should be minimal upkeep required. Yards that look like they need to be completely renovated are more likely to turn potential buyers off before they ever step foot inside the house.

5 – Steal the Hearts of Buyers with Stone and Brick
Natural stone and brick have an affluent appearance that can improve the value of a home. Homeowners can mix the two together for a unique and attractive combination. Look for ideas here and here.

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Does Curb Appeal Matter When Selling Your Home? Yes!

ExteriorsA potential home buyer is on your street taking a casual look at homes. It is a Sunday and your home has an open house. Will this person stop to look inside your home?

Does your home have curb appeal? 
When you have you home listed to sell, it is very important to make it look appealing from the outside to draw and lure potential buyers into your home. Here are some tips:

The Lawn
Keep the grass mowed and free of leaves. Be sure to trim edges to make it fabulous.

During winter months when it is snowing, keep all walkways, steps and the driveway clear.

Exterior lighting can make your home look more dramatic! During the winter months, there is less sunlight. Lighting can help make your home stand out during this dreary time.

Outside Decor
Tasteful outside decor can add some interest to your home’s exterior. In the fall, colorful potted or planted mums look very nice. When it is a colder, minimal winter decor can also look inviting. Remember, symmetry looks most pleasing to the eye and makes it easier when creating arrangements.

Front Door
The front door is usually the focal point of the front of the home. Curb appeal can be added by painting the door with a statement color to contrast from the rest of the home.

Shutters, Trim and Moldings
Your home will look more “complete” and appealing with shutters around window frames. And you might want to think about adding some decorative moldings to freshen up your home’s exterior look.

Yeah, we know, you hate to paint. We all do. But, paint is one of the most economic ways to freshen up your home on the outside!

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