Dayton, Ohio Home Sales Up 17 Percent Year-To-Date


January – November 2013 vs 2012

  • 17% Increase in Sales Units (12,530 unit sales)
  • 19% Increase in Sales Volume

Home sales in Dayton, Ohio were up 9% for November 2013:

November 2013 vs November 2012

  • 8.95% Increase in Sales Units (1,289 vs 1.356)
  • 5.83% Increase in Total List Price
  • 6.02% Increase in Total Sale Price
  • 5.14% Decrease in Median Sales Price ($101,500 vs $107,000)
  • 2.68% Decrease in Average Sales Price ($118,472 vs  $121,748)

Graphs courtesy of: Dayton Area Board of Realtors Home Sales Report – November 2013

Dayton, Ohio Home Sales Up 11 Percent for October 2013



Dayton, Ohio home sales were up 11% in October 2013 as compared to October 2012. Here are the details:

October 2013 vs October 2012

  • 2.58% Increase in listings (1,751 vs 1,707)
  • 11.09% Increase in sales units (1,162 vs 1,046)
  • 6.11% Increase in sales volume
  • .62% Increase in % sale to % list price (95.34% vs 94.75%)
  • -4.48% Decrease in average sale price ($117,852 vs $123,384)
  • -9.18% Decrease in median sale price ($99,900 vs $110,000)

Year-To-Date January – October 2013 vs 2012

  • 17.3% Increase in sales units
  • 20% Increase in sales volume
  • 2.4% Increase in average sale price ($125,975)
  • 2.8% increase in median sale price ($108,000)

Statistics sourced from: Dayton Area Board of Realtors October Report

Dayton, Ohio Is Number Four For Most Creative Mid-Sized U.S. Cities


Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, is also a very creative city! It was ranked #4 of the most creative mid-sized U.S. cities by the real estate website Movoto.

Why Dayton?

  • Dayton has 15+ performing arts organizations and some with national recognition like the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
  • See lots of Dayton arts here!

How did Movoto Create this Ranking?

  • Art supply stores per capita
  • Music instrument stores and teachers per capita
  • Galleries per capita
  • Art schools per capita
  • Bookstores per capita
  • Colleges per capita
  • Theaters per capita

What mid-sized city was number one? Salt Lake City, Utah.

See all of the rankings here.

Dayton, Ohio Home Sales for September 2013 Increased 21 Percent


September 2013 home sales were strong for Dayton, Ohio with a 21% increase as compared to September 2012.

September 2013 Home Sales as Compared to September 2012

  • 18.46% Increase in the number of single-family listings
  • 21.26% Increase in home sales
  • -.07% decrease in average sale price ($124,454 from $124,536)


MLS Inventory
At the end of September there were 7,6154 listed properties for sales which is a five to seven month supply of inventory.

Mortgage rates remain low.

It’s a great time to buy and sell a home!

Data provided by the Dayton Area Board of Realtors Home Sales Report.

Benefits of Biking

Harry Dornheggen of Sibcy Cline Hyde Park is wearing his new SC cyclist shirt!

Harry Dornheggen of Sibcy Cline Hyde Park is wearing his new SC cyclist shirt!

Biking has made a resurgence in popularity. Bike trails have grown exponentially and cyclists are seen just about everywhere.

What Good Things Happen When Biking?

Less Emissions
If you bike to work you reduce your household emissions by 6%. And, bikes can be up to 50% faster than cars during rush hour.

Less Pollution
Cars make .97 pounds of pollution per mile each year. Bikes produce none.

Healthy Things
Thirty minutes of biking daily can save you $554 yearly on healthcare costs.

Less Resources Used
Bike use fewer natural resources to be made than cars. (A car makes 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution when produced.) Less rubber is used in making bikes which helps our forests.

Support of Local Businesses
Bikers tend to keep their trips shorter and shop closer to home.

Many Sibcy Cline agents and employees are cycling!
We just received an order of our own personalized Sibcy Cline Cyclist Shirts for 18 Sibcy Cline agents, managers and employees. We hope they send us photos soon of themselves on their bikes with their special shirts!

Interested in learning more about cycling trails in Cincinnati? Go here and here and here.

Did you know? ranked Dayton #45 in 2012 for bike-friendlly U.S. cities.

  • Dayton, Ohio has a map of its biking trails here.
  • And read more about biking in Dayton here.

Source of information:

Sibcy Cline Vandalia Participates in Vandalia-Butler Chamber of Commerce Business Community Expo

DaytonBusExpo1 DaytonDragons2 MaryDaytonDragons MikePierson_Expo

The Sibcy Cline Vandalia office participated in the 23rd Annual Business Community Expo hosted by the Vandalia-Butler Chamber of Commerce. The expo was held at the Dayton Airport Expo Center.

It was a great opportunity for Mike Pierson, Vice President/Sales Manager of Sibcy Cline Vandalia along with Mary Nazzarine, Sibcy Cline Executive Recruiter, to meet the Vandalia business community.

As you can see from the photos above, Mary had a great time seeing if Gem (the Dayton Dragons Mascot) wanted to become a Sibcy Cline Agent!

Mary, what did Gem say?



Ja! Ja! Dayton Oktoberfest is September 27-29, 2013 at The Dayton Art Institute

fresh german pretzel

It’s going to be a great weekend to be out and about. And, it you live in Dayton, Ohio, and are feeling a little German, then plan on attending the Oktoberfest. It’s from September 27-29, 2013 at The Dayton Art Institute.

What’s happening at the Oktoberfest? Lots!

  • German (as well as American) food to try
  • Domestic, international and craft beers to sip (Go here for more information about Dayton craft breweries
  • Activities for the kids
  • Live music including some fun polka and German bands!

Now, if you are “into” the football scene, do not worry. The festival will have four large-screen monitors airing the games.

Need more information? Go here.


Dayton, Ohio is a Craft Beer Hub

night shot

Want to try a craft beer? Head to Dayton, Ohio. This region has seen high growth of craft-beer breweries that have (or soon will be) opened for business:

Unsure of what a craft beer is? Read about how craft beer is brewed here.

Dayton, Ohio Ranks Number Six Among the Top Ten Safest U.S. Cities from Natural Disasters


Worried about tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters? Move to Dayton, Ohio! It ranked as the sixth safest U.S. city from natural disasters.

Why Dayton? 
Dayton does hold the record for the greatest natural disaster for the state of Ohio from the Great Dayton Flood of 1913. Since then, with effective flood controls in place, the city has avoided flooding over 1,500 times.

Which City Was Ranked as the Safest?
Syracuse, New York. Although you will not find flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes, this area does have lots of snow!

Three Ohio Cities Made the List
Cleveland (#2), Akron (#3) and Dayton (#6) all made this top-ten list.

For more “safe” cities and criteria about the rankings, go here to read the article from CBS MoneyWatch.