Eight Tips to Help Declutter Your Home

Declutter your home

When spending time at home you may realize how badly it needs decluttering. Having things crammed into every corner is not an appealing way to live. (And, if you are planning on selling your home in the near future, a thorough cleaning and decluttering is a must.) Here are eight tips to make the decluttering process more bearable:

Paper here, paper there, paper everywhere. A few pieces of paper turns into piles and piles. Cleaning out paper is a page-by-page task. Have a discard pile for recycling and be sure to shred anything with sensitive info. If you have papers to keep, place them in a more organized order with a labeled filing system. Or, consider scanning important documents and keeping only digital copies.

2–Home Records
How organized are your home records? Have a binder that has your improvement records and receipts. Store warranties in those binders, too. (When it comes time to sell your home, you will have all of your documents at your fingertips.)

When you open the closet does something jump out? If so, it’s time to tackle one closet at a time. Be ruthless. If you have not used an item in a year, do you really need it? Why are you holding onto those 1990s clothes? Remember, even if they come back into style, color and sizes change. Be sure to donate clothing that is in good shape to a place like Good Will or another organization. Remember, less is more.

Cans from the year 2010 are not a good thing. Check expiration dates and discard old items. While you’re at it, think about attacking the freezer for old items.

5–Basement and Garage
If your basement and garage are dumping sites, you made need to plan some time sorting through items. If these things are in your basement or garage and you are not using them, why are you keeping them?

6–One Room at a Time
Don’t let the clutter overwhelm you. Tackle one room at a time. Start with the messiest room first. You will have a feeling of accomplishment when that room is done.

7–Why Are You Holding onto Something?
Things can be functional and sentimental. If you are keeping something you do not regularly use, ask yourself why you need to have it.

8–Sell Items
You may be getting rid of household items that someone else might cherish. Consider selling unwanted things with Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. You will get rid of the clutter and make some money at the same time!

The Result?
By clearing out clutter now, you will enjoy your home all the more and it will be easier to maintain and clean. And, when it’s time to sell, your home will not only look more appealing to home buyers, but you will have less stuff to haul to your new home.

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Get Inspired to be Tidy in Your Home

Messy room

Full Garage
How tidy are you in your home?

A – You only need to pick up a few things things before guests arrive
B – The beds are never made and the dishes always need to be cleaned
C – Stop and do not come in my home until I have spent the day cleaning!

If you strive to be tidier, consider this book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (by Marie Kondo).

This author has de-cluttered her home of “stuff” by keeping only what gives her joy and by organizing by category (not space).

Kondo says to get rid of things if you do not love them. It can be tough to part with possessions, but in the end, you will be happier not holding onto things that do not bring you pleasure. You will enjoy the clean spaces in your home and knowing where everything belongs.

She also advises to sort and purge by category. Instead of cleaning one clothes closet at a time, she instructs to sort all clothes at once. (Her rationale – especially for clothes – is that clothes are stored and kept in many places and that if you do not purge at once, you will be constantly battling clutter.)

Other tips from the author include stacking clothes sideways (standing up) in drawers for easy access as well as folding and rolling clothes for tidy effects.

See some before and after photos from Kondo’s work here.

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