Cincinnati Ranks Among Top-Opportunity Cities Per Forbes

Cincinatti skyline at night
Forbes recently posted its list of top U.S. cities that offered the best opportunities and Cincinnati was on it.

The magazine analyzed median home prices of cities with populations exceeding 150,000; unemployment rates; and population growth (especially those aged 35-39) to create the rankings. Read the article here.

What does Cincinnati offer? Per Cincinnati Mayor Cranley, the city has more Fortune 100 companies than any other American city. The city also has a strong revitalization of its urban core.

What city topped the list? Columbus, Ohio!

Cincinnati Has a Top Emerging Downtown Per Forbes Magazine

Cincinnati, Ohio

Forbes Magazine created a list of the top emerging U.S. downtowns and Cincinnati, Ohio made the list. The publication noted that younger, college-educated professionals are drawn to urban neighborhoods that are close to their work and offer entertainment and shopping nearby.

Cincinnati’s downtown area offers:

  • $1.3 billion in construction projects currently underway or in the planning stages
  • 2.6 mile streetcar under construction that will connect the business center to Over-the-Rhine, the area’s residential district
  • 45-acre riverfront park (Smale Park)
  • The Banks with housing, entertainment and more
  • Horseshoe Casino

Cincinnati’s downtown residential population has increased 12% since 2011 to 13,000 people.

Read the Forbes’ article here.

Cincinnati Ranks Number 9 in Forbes’ America’s Best US Cities for Raising a Family


Cincinnati, Ohio has many fine attributes and can now add another: Forbes magazine published its list of America’s Best Cities for Raising a Family and Cincinnati came in at #9!

Why Cincinnati? The article cited the city’s low cost of living among the US metro areas while the household median income is at the national average. Read the article here.

What city ranked #1? Raleigh, North Carolina.


Forbes Rates Three Ohio Regional Schools as Best for Housing Buck 2013


Forbes Magazine has released its Best Schools for Your Housing Buck 2013 and three area schools made the list:

Nine of the schools on the list were from Ohio.

Forbes used school district performance and median home price to come up with their list. See the Forbes report here.

Cincinnati is Ranked Among Top 15 US Emerging Downtowns

Forbes magazine has an article on the top U.S. cities with emerging downtowns and Cincinnati, Ohio made this list! Downtown Cincinnati saw a residential population increase of 12% in 2011. The article also states that Cincinnati has…

  • $1.3 billion in downtown projects invested
  • 2.6 miles streetcar line under construction
  • $120 million 45-acre riverfront park (Smale Park)
  • 18-acre mixed-use Banks project with 98% occupancy  for the apartments
  • Horseshoe Casino ($400 million, 354,000 square foot gaming center)

Per this article, college-educated professionals between the ages of 25 and 34 tend to want to live in urban neighborhoods that are near to their work with entertainment and shopping options close by.  These potential home buyers are in the forefront of the expansion of downtown living and play a key role in urban revitalization.

Says, Lee Fisher, president of CEOs for Cities for Forbes magazine, “The cities that capture the mobile, college-educated ‘young and restless’ are the ones who are most likely to revitalized their downtowns and accelerate economic progress in their cities.”



Cincinnati, Ohio is Fourth Best City in U.S. for Working Moms!

Forbes Magazine conducted research on the best cities for working mothers, and Cincinnati, Ohio came in at #4!

The ranking was determined among the largest populated 50 metro areas in the U.S. Factors included length of commute, cost of living, job opportunities as well as earning potential. Other factors included safety, healthcare, education as well as childcare costs.

Two other cities from Ohio made the list: Columbus at #1 and Cleveland at #7. Read the entire article here.

Did you know? Americans put in the longest workweeks of any other industrialized nation?

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Cincinnati Ranked as One of Best Cities to Raise a Family

Cincinnati, Ohio has been ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the best places to raise a family. The results of this ranking were based on median income, cost of living, commuting delays, crime stats, schools quality and housing affordability. Cincinnati came in at #9.

Read an article from about this story.

Fort Thomas: Among Top 15 Places To Retire

Hmm. Where to put your roots when you retire?

Per Forbes magazine, one local destination that should be considered is Fort Thomas,Kentucky, which was rated among the top 15 US suburbs for retirement.

Why such a high ranking? Fort Thomas has lots of features that make this area an attractive place to live:

  • Close proximity to Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cost of living that is 9% below the national average
  • Nearby local hospital, St. Elizabeth – Ft. Thomas.
  • Other deciding factors included housing costs, taxes, crime, mass transit
    and higher education opportunities

Read the Forbes “The Best Retirement Places” article.

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