Celebrate the Fourth of July without Leaving your Home

Independence Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate at your home. Whether you are having a barbecue, picnic or party, here are some ideas to make your Fourth of July celebration even more patriotic:

Keep red and blue soda and juices cool on ice in a white tub. And, serve them in Mason jars with a red and white straw. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, make a layered red, white and blue beverage. Go here or here to learn how.

Bake a Pie
There is nothing more American than pie. Think cherry or blueberry for this holiday. Or make this berry tart here.

Cherry Bombs
Freeze fresh cherries into ice cubes. See this idea here.

Ice Cream
Be patriotic and eat red, white and blue ice cream! (Or top your ice cream with patriotic-colored sprinkles.) Firecracker Popsicles are popular, too.

Display the American flag. String up red, white and blue lights. Make sure your plates and cups look patriotic, too.


For even more ideas, look at Sibcy Cline’s 4th of July Pinterest board. 

Fourth of July Home Ideas


Ooooh. Aaaah. One of the best holidays of the year is the Fourth of July. It’s warm, there are fireworks and everybody enjoys a parade, picnic or party.

When celebrating the birth of our nation, make your Fourth of July a festive one with red, white and blue home decor and recipes:

  • Martha Stewart has a ton of crafts and decor ideas for Fourth of July. View them here.
  • And if you need more inspiration, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine also has great ideas on being patriotic in your home here.
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine is also a great source for red, white and blue inspiration. Go here.
  • HGTV, the mecca of home decor, is always a wonderful source for party and decor ideas. See them here.

And finally, you may want to take a peek at the Sibcy Cline 4th of July Pinterest Board for home decor and patriotic-inspired food ideas. Go here and pin away!

If you are planning on displaying the U.S. flag go here in our blog to read about how to display it properly.

Read what Robin Sheakley of MovingForLove.com has to say about independence and fireworks in your own life here.