Hometown Cincinnati Reds – What’s New To Eat at the Great American Ball Park


When you head to the home of the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ball Park this season, there are many new menu items to enjoy while watching the game:

  • Frisch’s Big Boy will have two locations in the stadium offering the Big Boy sandwich and French fries
  • Enjoy “the wharf” – a beer-battered tilapia fish sandwich from the Machine Room
  • Mucho Nachos – nacho chips with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and peppers
  • Churros – with cinnamon and sugar
  • Mix your own drink on a bicycle! (You have to see this to understand it – the mixer is connected to the bike. You cycle to mix up a beverage!)
  • Fiesta Burger (guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapenos with your burger)
  • Special sausages and brats…and the list goes on and on!

Hungry now? Think about cooking up your next home-cooked meal in a new home! Get inspiration for your next kitchen here.

Pie Wars! We love it!

Do you prefer your pumpkin pie from Frisch’s Big Boy or Busken Bakery?

Frisch’s and Busken have had some “friendly” rival pie wars for the past several years that involves witty  billboard ad messages as well as a Big Boy draped in a Busken Bakery apron holding a Busken goody box in lieu of that good old big boy sandwich. (Watch the video of how that happened here.)

These two local companies are having fun selling their yummy pies while taking jabs at each other:

  • Hello Pumpkin (Frisch’s) vs  That’s Mr. Pumpkin to you, Big Boy (Busken)
  • You Had Me at Hello (Frisch’s) vs Sorry Big Boy, This Pumpkin’s Taken (Busken)
  • Hard-To-Be Humble Pie (Frisch’s) vs The Big Boy Caper (see video above)
  • And the lastest pie wars: Busken rented a cherry picker and had fun with the Big Boy billboard. It now says…“Hard to Be Number Two,” “Second Best Pumpkin Pie at Frisch’s Big Boy.”

So, we ask you, what is YOUR favorite pumpkin pie?

Read a fun Wall Street Journal article about our local pie wars here.