Selling Your Home? Paint Tips to Help Get Your Home Ready!

Tips on painting rooms in your home

Getting your home “market ready” is an important step to make it stand out among other available homes for sale. Here are painting tips to make your home look its best:

Touch Ups
Take a tour of your home and make note of the walls and trim areas that need to be touched up inside and out. A few neglected spots might be a signal to potential buyers that the home is not well maintained.

Are Your Colors Neutral?
If your painted walls are in good condition, you will also need to access whether the color is appealing to the masses. Although you may have enjoyed an expressive color, the person moving into your home may not. It is best to neutralize those “avant-garde” colors. A DIY repainted room usually costs under $100.

Exterior Paint
Go conservative with color. White and neutral colors are the safest choices as these colors will appeal to the largest number of buyers. Make a buyer’s first impression positive!

Select Your Paint Carefully
A high-quality acrylic latex paint can last for 10+ years and offers prospective buyers a “no maintenance” situation when moving into your home. Less work for them might mean a faster sale for you.

Prepare and Know Your Surface
Taking the time to properly preparing your surface before painting will result in a quality finish and thus impress buyers. Make sure you understand what type of paint your surface requires before you paint!

If DIY is not your thing, contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend local painters to help you out.