The Nose Knows

human nose

Can a neighborhood have a smell to it? Yes it can.

The neighborhood this blogger lives in is three miles away from a Keebler Cookie factory. The smells from this manufacturing plant are glorious – with mouthwatering aromas of chocolate wafting through the air. It is intoxicating and delicious. An empty tummy will start to growl from the tempting whiffs of deliciousness. When I smell the Keebler chocolate in the air, I always think of the book, Willy Wanka and The Chocolate Factory.

As a child, I remember riding in the car along Vine Street through St. Bernard and smelling Ivory Soap being created. And at the ballpark, the aromas of hotdogs and popcorn are so enticing. There are so many different smells for different areas.


Sibcy Cline Vandalia agent, Steve Seboldt, sells homes in Harrison Township, where the Cargill factory produces both a sweet syrup (for its corn syrup production) as well as animal feed. Depending upon the day and air conditions, it can either smell sweet or pungent. Read more about this neighborhood here and how Steve still sells homes there, whether it is an odiferous day or not!