New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

CalendarMany of us make resolutions to better ourselves in the new year and that concept may carry over well into our homes. Here are a couple of home-related resolutions you to consider for 2015.

1. Declutter/Organize
People typically wait for spring cleaning to clean out that closet or catch-all room; but why wait for spring? With cold weather and potential snow, January can be a great time to stay inside and get organized. If the job seems overwhelming, start small. Pick one room a month and work on it an hour or two a week. You might be surprised how much difference you’ll make by the time spring comes around.

2. Weekly Cleaning System
A couple of tips I’ve found helpful to keeping my home clean all the time include:
– Keeping all cleaning supplies in one location
– Focus on one type of cleaning at a time. It’s faster. Instead of cleaning room to room,      vacuum, dust or clean windows in the whole house, one task at a time.

3. Become More Energy Efficient
Easy things like turning off lights and unplugging unused electronics can go a long way over a year. Programmable thermostats, low-flow shower heads, and energy efficient light bulbs are also easy and relatively cheap changes too. Newer energy efficient windows and appliances are bigger projects, but may offer the biggest savings and reduction in energy usage.

4. Remodel a Room
A room remodel can seem like a tall (and expensive) task to tackle, but starting with a fresh coat of paint can be a cheap and quick start. Also imagine your dream kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, then create a budget so you can decide what features are most important.

So what’s your Home New Year’s resolution?

60-Minute Home Improvements

60MinuteMaintenanceMany of us know all too well how difficult it can be to find the time to make home improvements, updates, or repairs. If you’re anything like me, you will spend more time considering all the options, costs, and the potential hang-ups of a project than it would probably take to complete it. Below is a list of quick remodel and maintenance projects you can complete in under an hour.

60-Minute Maintenance
– Clean Dryer Ducts
– Pressure Wash
– Replace Furnace Filter
– Drain Water Heater
– Shampoo Rugs

60-Minute Remodels
– Paint an Accent Wall
– Switch Out a Faucet
– Update Cabinet Hardware
– Install a Programmable Thermostat
– Install Light Dimmers

Here are some more ideas and instructions for 60-minute home improvements.

Still don’t have time to tackle all the projects on your list?
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Does Curb Appeal Matter When Selling Your Home? Yes!

ExteriorsA potential home buyer is on your street taking a casual look at homes. It is a Sunday and your home has an open house. Will this person stop to look inside your home?

Does your home have curb appeal? 
When you have you home listed to sell, it is very important to make it look appealing from the outside to draw and lure potential buyers into your home. Here are some tips:

The Lawn
Keep the grass mowed and free of leaves. Be sure to trim edges to make it fabulous.

During winter months when it is snowing, keep all walkways, steps and the driveway clear.

Exterior lighting can make your home look more dramatic! During the winter months, there is less sunlight. Lighting can help make your home stand out during this dreary time.

Outside Decor
Tasteful outside decor can add some interest to your home’s exterior. In the fall, colorful potted or planted mums look very nice. When it is a colder, minimal winter decor can also look inviting. Remember, symmetry looks most pleasing to the eye and makes it easier when creating arrangements.

Front Door
The front door is usually the focal point of the front of the home. Curb appeal can be added by painting the door with a statement color to contrast from the rest of the home.

Shutters, Trim and Moldings
Your home will look more “complete” and appealing with shutters around window frames. And you might want to think about adding some decorative moldings to freshen up your home’s exterior look.

Yeah, we know, you hate to paint. We all do. But, paint is one of the most economic ways to freshen up your home on the outside!

Need more inspiration?

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