Homeowner’s Insurance Changing Policies for Wind and Hail Damage

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Pay attention to the annual renewal of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Many insurance companies have altered their policies for wind and hail damage.

  • Some insurance companies have higher percentage deductibles while others are offering higher flat-amount deductibles. Other insurance companies are also offering repairs on a depreciated basis.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to review their policies carefully so they understand whether the insurance company is writing “actual cash value” (cost to replace taking into consideration current age and condition) or “replacement cost” (cost to replace without considering age or condition).

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Dayton, Ohio Ranks Number 34 in the U.S. For Best Drivers


Dayton, Ohio, with its 841,000 residents, are doing well behind the wheel, because the city was part of the “2013 Best Drivers Report” and ranked #34 in the United States as a safe city to drive.

  • Dayton drivers average 11 years between accidents
  • Dayton drivers are 9.3% less likely to be in a crash as compared to the rest of the U.S.

What city was ranked the safest to drive in the U.S.? Fort Collins, Colorado.

Want to read the Best Drivers Report? Go here.

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