60-Minute Home Improvements

60MinuteMaintenanceMany of us know all too well how difficult it can be to find the time to make home improvements, updates, or repairs. If you’re anything like me, you will spend more time considering all the options, costs, and the potential hang-ups of a project than it would probably take to complete it. Below is a list of quick remodel and maintenance projects you can complete in under an hour.

60-Minute Maintenance
– Clean Dryer Ducts
– Pressure Wash
– Replace Furnace Filter
– Drain Water Heater
– Shampoo Rugs

60-Minute Remodels
– Paint an Accent Wall
– Switch Out a Faucet
– Update Cabinet Hardware
– Install a Programmable Thermostat
– Install Light Dimmers

Here are some more ideas and instructions for 60-minute home improvements.

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Increase Your Home’s Value

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Do you always have an improvement project in mind for your home? This blogger does! I have lived in my home since 1997 – I have replaced the roof; replaced the gutters; added a new kitchen floor; added new tile, cabinet, mirror, toilet and floor in the main bath; and replaced all of the windows – to name just a few things.

My list still has many things to do. I want to replace the front door with a metal one, add gutter guards and replace the garage door. I need to touch up the interior paint and at some point I want to replace the refrigerator with an Energy-Star one. My list goes on and on.

Will I see a return on my investments made to my home? Some I will and some I will not. A house must have a functioning roof and gutters. These items may not bring a huge  return, but as you will see from the list below, my future front door will.

If you are thinking about making changes to your home, read about the top 5 items that can help increase its value per Remodeling Magazine:

Garage Door Replacement
Replace the garage door and you could see a 83% return on the money spent in our region. This is one of the highest returns of money spent on your home.

Replace the Front Door
A 20-gauge steel front door adds 82.5% in return on your investment.

Attic Bedrooms
Add a bedroom into the attic and you could see a 81% in return for the money spent.

Wood Deck Addition
Wood decks are also strong investments with a 78% recoup value.

Minor Kitchen Remodel
Minor kitchen remodels (which include new fronts for cabinets, new hardware; replacement of oven and cooktop; countertop replacement; new floor and paint) have  76% recoup of money spent.

As you can see, no home-improvement project brings in a 100% return of investment. Besides seeing some return on your investment when it’s time to sell, you will have the satisfaction and enjoyment of the changes that you have made to your home.

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What changes are you planning on doing to your home?