Sibcy Cline Home Services: Finding Reliable Contractors for Your Needs

If you’re selling your home, there’s a good chance that you have some repairs or improvement to make in the process—and the same goes for buyers. You may have just purchased your dream home, but that flowered wallpaper is NOT part of the dream. Even if you’ve been in your home for a while and have no intention to move, this pandemic has you looking around and wishing a few things were just a little different.  

The “home remodeling bug” seems to have been contagious. During 2020, Sibcy Cline Home Services saw an increase in homeowners who desired to make repairs and improvements. We had 3900 new customers in 2020 who were able to work with our Home Services Coordinators to get the help they needed from local vendors and see their projects and/or move to a new home to completion.  

Are you seeing some projects you’d like to complete in your home? Getting the help you need is easy with our home services department. We’ll match your project to one of our 200 local vendor partners—all of whom meet our standards of service. You’re assured prompt and reliable service for your home repair or home improvement project, and our services to match with you up with a reputable vendor near you are FREE.  

While we have services for just about any type of project you may have, we’ve compiled a list of the home services that were the most popular during 2020 and created the graphic below. The graphic excludes our #1 service, which is home inspections. During 2020, we provided 1446 home inspections for buyers around the region.  

By enlisting the help of our coordinators, homeowners were able to fix plumbing and water issues, repair electrical problems, fix roofs, paint, clean, and of course, hire movers to move them into or out of their homes. And don’t forget the best part: our coordinators’ services are FREE to anyone in the local market.

For more information on how Sibcy Cline can make your next project go smoothly, watch our video here. To speak to one of our Home Services coordinators, visit the Home Services contact page to fill out the form and someone will reach out to you right away!  

Should You Buy a New Home or Older Home?

House Puzzle

Your home search has started – and a large decision will be whether to purchase a newer home or an older one. Your housing amenity requirements, location, budget and lifestyle will play important factors in making your final home selection.

How far of a commute are you willing to drive?

  • Newer, traditional-stye homes tend to be located in outlying areas.
  • City centers with renovated housing areas (such as Cincinnati’s Over-the Rhine, Covington and Newport’s historic districts and Dayton’s Oregon district) offer newer or restored condominiums, town homes as well as historic homes. Usually the closer to a city or urban area, the older the homes are.

Cost of the home
Comparisons will need to be made on the costs of a new home versus an existing one. Factors such as property taxes and community service fees need to be considered in our budget.

Making the house your home
A blank palette of a newly built home might be easier for one person and overwhelming for another. On the other hand, a home with several owners through the years can prove to be either a decor delight or nightmare.

The lone wolf

  • Purchasing a home in a newly started neighborhood means no neighbors and lots of surrounding construction. However, if you purchase a new home in an area that is almost completed, this is not so much of a concern.
  • Older homes already come supplied with new neighbors.

What amenities do you want in your home?
When buying a home, there are always concessions to be made as the entire wish list is rarely met. However, when you build a home, you can prioritize the amenities that mean the most to your lifestyle.

Home maintenance
Whether purchasing a new or older home, maintaining your home is a must. With a new home, the roof, windows and gutters are not so much of a concern. With an already-built residence, it is best to have a home owner’s warranty to cover expensive-to-replace items such as heating, air conditioning and the refrigerator. A whole house inspection is a good idea whether purchasing a new or older home.