Tips To Sell Your Home

Hand with marker painting house

Interest rates are still low and with the low inventory of homes currently on the market, homes are selling quickly. Here are some tips to help sell your home fast:

  • Price it right. By pricing your home correctly from the start, you will attract the most buyers and not become “an old listing” with a lowered price later. Read more about pricing your home from a former blog article here.
  • Stage it. Make your home appealing to as many people as possible by neutralizing non-traditional colors, showcasing furniture in an appealing way and de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home. Read some home-staging tips from former blog articles here and some lighting tips here.
  • Store it. A large part of the staging process is de-cluttering your home so the buyer can see the potential of their furniture in your home. Your goal is to have half-empty, tidy closets.
  • Repair it. Knock out all of the minor repairs like touch-up painting or repairing the weather stripping. You want your home to look in great shape.
  • Use a Sibcy Cline Agent. Your local agent knows the appeal of the area and the condition of the current real estate market.
  • Great Photos on the Internet. Your first open house will be on the Internet. Interested buyers view homes first online before coming to see the home in person. Photos of your home should be professionally shot, showcasing its finest features. (Note: Your Sibcy Cline Agent will use the services of our team of Sibcy Cline Professional Photographers who shoot as many photos as needed of your home.)
  • Hide it. Your pets need to be incognito during the selling process. Not every one is a dog or cat lover.
  • Be ready. You need to be ready for showing appointments at all times. This is a really difficult part of the selling process. The beds need to be made up neatly, there should be no garbage, dirty dishes or laundry for public view and the bathrooms and kitchen need to be spotless. Your home needs to be clean and welcoming at all times.