Home Design Through the Ages – the 60s and 70s

Interior design has changed dramatically throughout the ages. From the first cavemen and women painting on the walls of their caves to chic modern styles, people have always sought to arrange their homes in ways that make them feel comfortable, appeal to their aesthetic senses and demonstrate their abilities to provide for their families. Let’s take a look at a few recent decades in the world of home design.

The 1960s
​By the 1960s, divisions had already become popular, since Postwar homes were often created with a lounge located off the main room. However, throughout the 1960s, a large number of homeowners opted to remove this wall in favor of a more open layout. The resulting larger room might be separated into multiple uses, the division made evident by a change in floor material or by using the furniture to make the separation obvious. Floral patterns and trends like feng shui also became popular.

The 1970s
​In the 1970s, economic troubles and a renewed interest in historic preservation caused trends in interior design to moderate. Comfort was the buzzword, and for many homeowners of the day, this meant soft fabrics. Shag carpets, velvet couches and inexpensive materials marked the interiors of many 1970s homes. To this day, many of the design trends implemented in the 1970s – like linoleum floors, shag carpeting and laminate counters – are the motivation for a thorough remodeling job. Understanding how interior design trends evolve, what changes and what stays the same is a fantastic way to stay ahead of the curve and choose elements in your own home that will withstand the test of time. Next month, we will be talking about the 1980s.

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2015 Home Trends

TrendsA new year means new trends. New home trends. The calendar might be moving forward, but it appears many trendy choices are sticking with a classic touch from the past.

Green Is Still ‘Fresh’
You might want to stop short of painting all your walls green, but as a concept ‘green’ will still have plenty of applications. Updating appliances, windows and HVAC to more efficient and environmentally-friendly options is still a wise move. Also, gardening is a green choice that continues to grow in popularity. Herb gardens, container gardening and indoor gardens all seem to have momentum in 2015.

Rustic Will Mix with Modern
Bring the outdoors inside. Recycling and repurposing offers cost-savings and a creative outlet. Mixing contemporary and classic acknowledges the past while staying on the cutting edge of design.

Stay Open to Being Open
Open floor plans are still popular in new construction and for remodels. Structuring your space so that it stays open to the outdoors as well as mixing design elements will keep your home at the forefront of home style.

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