9 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

how to a. value to your home

Your home – not only does it provide shelter for you and your belongings – but is also an investment of your money. Here are nine tips to increase your home’s value with updates, repairs and cosmetic changes:

1. Create More Space in your Home
Buyers look for open spaces in homes. You may be able to take down a non-structural wall to open up space and create a better flow in your home. Or, you might be able to have an addition. to increase square footage.

The number of bedrooms has a large impact on a home’s value. If your neighboring homes have four bedrooms, your home should have the same number.

If you live in an area where many homes lack a garage, consider adding one. The most valuable garages are attached to the home, but you may need to opt for a free-standing one. 

2. Landscaping
Neat and tidy landscaping looks appealing. If you have weeds and bushes that have grown too tall, you need to pull and prune. By planting attractive trees, bushes or flowers, you can add value to your home. HomeGain.com cites that an investment of $400 into landscaping can bring a return of four times that amount.

3. Light the Way
Lighting is important to home buyers and can add even more appeal to your home. Make sure your lighting features are up-to-date. Read more about lighting here.

4. Maintain
Have your “to do” list of repairs for your home and check those items off as you keep your home in good repair. (Repair plumbing leaks, inspect the furnace, weed the flower beds, etc.)

If you live in an older home, make sure the plumbing and electrical is up-to-date. Maintaining basement and foundation issues is important. Leaks and cracks need to be investigated. 

5. Think Green
“Green” energy efficiencies are desirable by home buyers and can save you money. 

6. Front Door and Curb Appeal
A home’s first impression starts with the front door. Make your front yard and porch look fabulous. 

7. Flooring
An upgrade in flooring will add more value when it is time to sell.

8. Upgrade the Bath
Some easy bathroom improvements include cleaning or replacing the grout, updating doorknobs and cabinet pulls, replacing faucets, and installing a new toilet.

9. Paint
Painting is one of the most economic ways to update your home. Be sure to use a neutral color if you planning to sell your home. It will appeal to more home buyers.

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