8 Homes for Sale Now with Fabulous Fireplaces

Cozying up to the hearth this winter is just one reason to buy these beauties now.

Is a fireplace on your list of “must haves” in a new home? If so, you are in luck this fall! There are homes for sale now from Sibcy Cline that make it easy to imagine yourself curled up and ready for a long winter’s nap.

Riverside Warmth in Terrace Park, OH

This home for sale now at 307 Wanoka Woods Terrace in Terrace Park is listed by Shelley Miller Reed with Amy Roe of Sibcy Cline.

There is no better place for a fire than next to the water, and this home for sale in Terrace Park, OH on the Little Miami has it. You can go for a walk down to the river and then come home to the comfort of your home and start up the fire to get your frosty toes toasty again.

This home is the perfect place to “self-isolate among the treetops,” according to Cincinnati Magazine, and we couldn’t agree more.

Winter Wonderland in Liberty Township, OH

8318 Poppy Lane in Liberty Township, OH is listed by Tom Letzler of Sibcy Cline.

The pops of bright color next the white background of this hearth in Liberty Township, OH could put even the Grinch in the holiday spirit. Everything about this room makes you want to start decking the halls for the season of merry, when the days are dark but our hearts burn bright.

You’ll not only have the physical warmth of the fire, but that priceless heart-warming joy of settling into a home that feels just right.

A Homey Haven in Union, KY

This Union, KY home at 2416 Royal Castle Way is listed by the McMahan Team of Sibcy Cline.

With two roomy acres to roam in Union, KY, this home for sale now provides the perfect place to gather in and relax next to the fire. You can sink deep into the sofa for a nap or sit by the fire to read your book.

Take off your shoes, wrap up in a soft throw, and forget the rest of the world. There just isn’t anything that can go wrong here in this room.

Sofas for Days in Guilford, IN

21563 Fox Rd. in Guilford, IN is listed by Team Hamilton of Sibcy Cline.

Have you ever dreamed of lounging on the world’s longest sofa next to a warm fire? This home for sale in Guilford, IN may just be your dream home. The best part? There is not just one, but two of the longest sofas we’ve ever seen to rest your weary bones after a long day.

If enough space for two very long comfortable sofas isn’t enough to convince that you should buy this home today, then make sure to notice the stunning architecture of the wood and stone hearth. That, together with the porthole windows on either side, creates an aesthetic that will elevate your everyday to something truly extraordinary.

Condo Comfort in Mariemont, OH

This second-floor condo is available at 3818 Miami Rd. in Mariemont, OH and is listed by Patti Sibcy and Elaine Greiwe with Sibcy Cline.

If you’re looking for a home for sale that’s more compact than a sprawling estate and a better fit for your active urban lifestyle, but still ranks high on the homey scale, you can find it at 3818 Miami Rd. in Mariemont, OH. There’s no shortage of comfy or cozy in this home! Here, condo living steers clear of lacking character and warms things up with an inviting hearth.

The bonus here is that homey doesn’t feel cramped. The large windows and high ceilings give the space an airy feel that will save you from feeling like the walls are closing in this winter. No cabin fever in this expansive space!

A Spacious Respite in Hamilton Township, OH

This listing at 7470 Stillwater Dr. in Hamilton Township is listed by Julie K. Back of Sibcy Cline.

Ready to cast your worries aside and sink into deep relax mode in front of a roaring fire? Look no further than 7470 Stillwater Dr. in Hamilton Township, OH. And, in a world that requires social distancing, you’ll have space in this room to invite some companions.

In this home for sale there is a generosity of space to spread out and plenty of windows to take in the beauty of nature while enjoying the much-needed company of others.

Cozy Comfort in Wyoming, OH

This home at 35 B Vale Ave in Wyoming is listed by Steven Wolber of Sibcy Cline.

There are some houses for sale that just exude the feeling of “home”. As soon as you walk in, you want to kick off your shoes and get comfortable. 35 B Vale Ave in Wyoming, OH is one of those houses.

The brick and tile on this hearth go a long way in creating that kind of inviting space we all love. The earthy tones warm up all the surrounding white without sacrificing the open, airy quality of the room. With the window view to the trees in the backyard, you have all the elements for this being your favorite space in the house.

Snuggle Up in Deerfield Township, OH

This home at 8756 South Shore Place in Deerfield Township is listed by Meghan Homan-Welage of Sibcy Cline.

There just isn’t anything that makes a fireplace more fabulous than a stone hearth. In this home for sale at 8756 South Shore Place in Deerfield Township, OH, you get a rock solid invitation to take a Sunday snooze and warm the chill out of your bones.

If you’re looking for a home for sale to make your own, you won’t find many with a hearth worth staring into during all the long hours of a lazy winter day. Bring your own blankets and find your way home to this relaxing fireside.

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Sell Your Home During Winter and the Holiday Season


Have your home listed for sale during the holidays? Yes!

If you are thinking about selling your home, you may want to consider listing it when there is not as much competition of homes for sale, especially during winter and the holiday season.

  • Motivated. Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are usually motivated during this busy time.
  • Less competition. There are less homes on the market during the winter season and therefore less competition to get your home sold.
  • Looking good. Your home looks its best at this time of year! If you decorate for the holidays, it will look warm and inviting to buyers.
  • Relocation. Personal circumstances. Traditionally, there are more relocation transfers that occur by the end of the year. Besides a job transfer, there may be personal reasons why someone needs to purchase a new home. These people are motivated buyers!

Tips when listing your home in the colder months and during the holidays:

  • Snow and ice. If it snows, keep sidewalks and driveways clear – This type of home maintenance is vital for showings.
  • Curb appeal. Homes can look a bit drab during the colder months. Make sure  leaves and dead tree branches are removed. By adding greenery at the front of your home, it can look more colorful and inviting. Front porches decorated with old-time sleds and skates look charming in winter.
  • Warm and cozy. Make your home welcoming by keeping it warm. You want buyers to feel comfortable inside your home.
  • Light. Buyers need to see your home. Make sure your home has plenty of light for showing appointments. Consider 100-watt bulbs for lamps and lights. Are your windows clean so that light shines through as much as possible? Do you have decorative outdoor lighting? Put them on timers to showcase your home at dusk.
  • Seasonal interior decor. Your home can sparkle with seasonal decor, but keep it to a minimum so it does not dominate the house. Even if the holidays end, you can still showcase decorative wreaths or winter-oriented dried floral arrangements to add a bit of interest.
  • Keep the mud room tidy. Colder months mean jackets, boots, gloves, hats and scarves are being used. Keep these items orderly by using baskets or bins.

Need some winter decor ideas? Look at Sibcy Cline’s Winter Decor Idea on Pinterest here.

Sibcy Cline Super Open House Weekend – May 14 and 15, 2016

SuperOH.pngSibcy Cline’s agents are hosting a company-wide super open house weekend on May 14 and 15, 2016. Plan on seeing some great homes throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

Sibcy Cline agents have 307 open houses planned to date.

See homes for sale here.

Weather This Weekend
The weather is expected to be in the upper 50s and low 60s – perfect for house viewing.

Northern Kentucky Has Five Percent Increase in Home Sales in March

Kentucky_sign.jpgNorthern Kentucky home sales are still going strong. The region had a 5.36% increase in sales for March as compared to March 2015. Here are the statistics:

March 2016 vs March 2015

  • 5.36% Increase in homes sold (550 homes vs 522 homes)
  • 1.10% Increase in average sale price ($163,381 vs $161,605)
  • 1.02% Increase in median sale price ($142,125 vs $140,687)
  • 6.52% Increase in sales volume

January – March 2016 vs January – March 2015

  • 9.86% Increase in homes sold (1,248 homes vs 1,136 homes)
  • 4.50% Increase in average sale price ($160,675 vs $153,750)
  • 4.14% Increase in median sale price ($139,900 vs $134,350)
  • 14.81% Increase in sales volume

Homes are selling quickly when they are priced correctly and in good condition. Look at homes for sale here.

Statistics courtesy of: Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors Home Sales Report – March 2016



Sibcy Cline Super Open House Weekend – April 16 and 17, 2016


It’s spring and time to look at homes for sale throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

Make plans to look at homes on April 16 and 17, 2016 during Sibcy Cline’s Super Open House Weekend. There will be lots of homes held open for preview.

It’s Great Time To Look at Homes
Sibcy Cline’s website has had a tremendous amount of traffic of people looking at homes. On March 31, 2016, the website set a record with 54,922 visits in just one day.

Look at homes for sale here.

Dayton, Ohio Home Sales Increase Over 11 Percent


Homes are selling in Dayton, Ohio. In May, the area had an 11.3% increase in sales as compared to May 2012.

  • Median sale price rose 3.8% to $110,000
  • Average sale price declined 1.1% to $130,000

Dayton, Ohio currently has 5.8 months of homes available for sale (based on the rate of May sales) as compared to 7-month supply in May 2012 and 9.2-month supply in May 2011.

Homes properly priced and in ready-to-sell condition are selling quickly.


Home Prices and Homes Sales on the Rise in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Dayton, Ohio


April 2013 saw home prices and home sales rise throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. The statistics show a continuing trend of the stabilization of the real estate market for our region.

Cincinnati April Statistics

  • $121,000 Media sale price – 6.6% increase from April 2012
  • 1,919 Home sold – 24.1% increase from April 2012
  • 10,148 Number of homes for sale on the market  – 15.3% decrease from April 2012

Northern Kentucky Statistics

  • $131,500 Average sale price – 4% increase from April 2012
  • 469 Homes sold – 17.25% increase from April 2012
  • 5.9% decrease in the number of homes for sale on the market as compared to April 2012

Dayton Statistics

  • $124,000 Average sale price – .9% increase from April 2012
  • 14.5% Increase in homes sales as compared to April 2012
  • Dayton, Ohio has posted 22 month of continuous sales gains – This is the longest time period of uninterrupted growth in 16 years

Southeast Indiana Statistics

  • $101,000 Median sale price – 15% decrease from April 2012
  • 85 Homes sold – 16.4% increase from April 2012

Confidence in Building Homes is on the Rise


The National Association of Home Builders released the results of a monthly survey showing an improvement in confidence in new construction. The survey showed expectations of future sales for builders to be “good” and was the first rise in numbers in five months. The survey showed an increase in confidence for:

  • Current sale conditions
  • Sales expectations
  • Traffic of prospective buyers

“Builders are noting an increased sense of urgency among potential buyers as a result of thinning inventories of homes for sale, continuing affordable mortgage rates and strengthening local economies,” noted National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Chairman Rick Judson.

Read the National Association of Home Builders Press Release here.

Sibcy Cline represents many fine builders throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. Look at our builders and new home and condominium developments here.

Cincinnati is named "The Most Social City" by Mashable

It’s Social Media Day and Cincinnati, Ohio, has been named “The Most Social City” by Mashable, a web site source of social and digital media and technology.

See the great video about Cincinnati that swayed the Mashable judges! This short videos sites some local social celebrities such as Chad Ochocinco and Brandon Phillips who are avid Tweeters with 2.1 million and 73,000 followers respectively; Porkopolis (a Cincinnati app); the use of QR Codes throughout the city; and the constant use of social media to connect people to local social events.

Sibcy Cline Realtors is a very social real estate company, too. You can follow us on several social web sites including… Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @SibcyRealEstate. Our listings are posted as videos on YouTube. You will also find QR Codes on our For Sale signs, making it an easy “click and scan” to see more photos and information about our properties.

It’s a great day to be social today… especially in Cincinnati!