Planning Your Curb Appeal Projects

The spring buying season is underway, and as it progresses curb appeal will emerge from its winter hibernation as a significant factor in luring potential buyers to their ideal property.

Curb appeal is often what draws buyers to a particular home. An alluring walkway, an array of colorful flowers, an inviting nighttime glow and other visually pleasing characteristics can draw more people, and subsequently increase competition for the property and raise its overall value. Curb appeal is a powerful tool homeowners can use to maximize the offers they receive. Sellers looking for home staging ideas can take advantage of curb appeal projects to make their properties appear perfect inside and out.

Exterior design trends tend to change annually, similar to their interior counterparts. Here are a few of the curb appeal projects buyers will be drawn to this spring:

  1. Stick with sustainability
    Sustainability is popular among homeowners and buyers, and will remain that way for some time. Luckily, it isn’t all that difficult to boost curb appeal in a sustainable way. One perpetually popular curb appeal project is a well-lit walkway. When potential buyers drive by the property at night they will be enamored with the sight of it. Solar powered path lights can kick up your curb appeal in a sustainable and affordable way.

Additionally, homeowners may also want to try using sustainable materials. Walkways made with reclaimed stone or siding composed of recycled materials will appeal to buyers with sustainability on the mind.

  1. Add artistic detailing
    This year homebuyers will be on the hunt for artistic and unique exterior detailing. Craftsman-style accents and additions are growing more popular, and help properties stand out from other homes around them. Wood porch columns with decorative bases or colored detailing will draw potential buyers in for a closer look. Sometimes the smallest details are what make the biggest differences.
  2. Buyers love low maintenance
    A front yard should look lovely, but require little work. This means choosing flowers and other plants that are hardy enough to survive with minimal attention, and products that rarely, if ever, need repairs or touch ups. From gutters to gardens, there should be minimal upkeep required. Yards that look like they need to be completely renovated are more likely to turn potential buyers off before they ever step foot inside the house.
  3. Steal buyers’ hearts with stone and brick
    This spring, stone and brick are bound to be popular materials in exterior design. Natural stone and brick have an affluent appearance that can improve the value of a home. Homeowners can even mix the two together for a unique and attractive combination.

Curb appeal goes a long way during the spring and summer buying seasons, and with the former already underway it is time for homeowners to start working on their yards.

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Extra Special Curb Appeal Ideas

Small gardenHomes with curb appeal draw in buyers and make them want to see what is inside. Here are some tips to make your curb appeal irresistible to them:

Lots of Mulch
During warmer months, mulch makes garden beds look pleasing. Heavy mulching looks even better.

Add Trim
Add more trim to windows and doors. Trim elevates something very basic and makes it special. Consider adding trim around your front door to make a grand entrance. Depending upon your home style, you may also want to add shutters to windows as a decorative element.

Add Color
During warmer months, be sure to have a splash of color in your year. Seasonal flowers will look wonderful. Think about adding a colorful bench or chair on the front porch.

Upscale your mailbox, house numbers or address plaque.

Camouflage an Eyesore
If you have a large electrical box, piping or wires, paint them the same color as your home and they will be less noticeable. Add a small fence around your air conditioner or garbage area.

Window Boxes
A window box filled with flowers can transform a so-so window into a showstopper.

Create a Walkway
A simple stone pathway adds character to your yard.

Update the Garage
It you have a plain garage door, consider purchasing a hardware kit to make your doors look like carriage-style garage doors.

Landscape lighting sets an ambiance for your yard in the evening.

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