How Home Sellers Should Prepare for an Open House

open houseAn open house is a great way to have potential buyers see your home in person. Getting your home prepared for that big day is important since you always want it to look its best for that special day.

One of the most important aspects of prepping for an open house is to make sure visitors can really picture themselves living there. This is often difficult to do if your home – or even any one room – is too personalized with family photos or mementos, bright wall colors, or other distracting items. The same is true if there’s even a little bit of clutter lying around.

Other Things to Address
If there are little chips in the wood or places where a window screen isn’t in the best shape, now is the time to make any small repairs or replacements that need to be made. Even the most minor fixes should be prioritized. You will want to show your home in its best light and condition.

While the idea of repainting rooms, making repairs or clearing out overloaded closets seems daunting ahead of an open house, it’s worth noting that this is something you will have to do anyway when moving out – so simply think of it as getting out in front of the work.

Getting People Through the Door
Another critical part of an open house is to get buyers through the door in the first place. Your selling agent will promote your open house with directional signs as well as online (and probably on Social Media). You can help promote it, too, on your own Social Media with family and friends.

To make sure your home is even more appealing to buyers, consider an investment in a home warranty. This can help insulate both you and the buyer from unexpected costs related to replacing and repairing certain systems and appliances if something were to go wrong. These plans often don’t carry a huge cost and can provide significant peace of mind for all parties involved through the real estate sales process and beyond.

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