Up, up and Away in this Home — I Mean Plane


There are small homes and large homes. There are new homes and old ones. There are city condos and rural farm homes. And then there is this home – a Boeing 727 jet.

Yes, you read correctly. Someone lives in a jet.

Bruce Campbell has resided in his plane since 1999 when he (landed it?) on his ten acres of land in Portland, Oregon. He has spent some major cash making renovations to this 153 feet of steel. The plane has 1,066 square feet including the cargo area.

What a jet? Mr. Campbell thinks wood-built homes are not constructed of the best materials and that his jet, on the other hand, is a well-designed space-age wonder that can withstand all kinds of elements.

Question only real estate people will appreciate: How in the world would you “comp” this home?

And more importantly in this blogger’s mind is the question: how is sewage maintained? Answer: The sewage system empties into the plane’s service ports which could be connected to sewer lines, but have not been. So, I suspect it is a bit stinky outside near those ports. Ewww.

So, if you are the king of your castle in your home, Bruce Campbell is the captain of his 727, cruising high at 0 feet altitude. Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight, Bruce, while you fly the friendly skies on the ground of Portland. Sorry, first-class accommodations are not available.

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Watch this video about this odd home here:

Airplane Home – Boeing 727 from Even Quach on Vimeo.