Grazing Goebel Goats


Some people say goats will eat anything. While that may not be exactly true, they are well equipped to consume a wide variety of roughage. Their propensity to munch on a plethora of plants has led to a growth in goat grazing as a solution for overgrown brush and wooded areas. The city of Covington has “hired” a herd of goats to tame some of the overgrown wooded areas in Goebel Park.

A recent article in Northern Kentucky Magazine, “Got Your Goat”,  details the process of putting the goats to work inside city limits. A $5,000 grant is paying for the goats. City officials will monitor the progress of the goats at Goebel, and determine if goats are a cost effective solution for other areas of the city.

The goats themselves, corralled by an electric fence, have become a bit of an attraction as well. While the goats are not there for entertainment purposes (they are “on the clock” after  all), I’m sure it’s an interesting sight for park visitors and local residents.

So what do you think? Should goats be considered in other cities as natural solutions to weeds and overgrowth in parks and public spaces?

Landscaping to sell your home

If you’re planning to sell your home during the warmer, “outdoor” season, pay close attention to your “outdoor rooms” — the front and back yards. The front yard should be the red carpet to your front door and will help create curb appeal. The rear yard can also make a positive, first impression with attractive landscaping. Remember, buyers need to be impressed by the outside before they will look inside your home.

Questions to consider about your current landscaping:

  • Is your yard well maintained with trimmed shrubs and attractive flowers?
  • Have you pulled all of the weeds and added mulch?
  • Do you have an nice seating area outside?
  • Is your deck or patio in good shape?

Not all buyers will be avid gardeners and may be looking for low-maintenance landscaping, but, in general, most buyers see an extensively landscaped yard as a plus. (Remember, just don’t overdo it or you may scare off buyers who do not want to spend hours in their yard.)

Have a small yard? Don’t worry – even small green spaces can look appealing and attractive. You may need to think more in terms of container gardening if you do not have a lot of yard for landscaping or flowers.

Smaller, starter homes with nice landscaping create more visual appeal that hopefully turn into purchase offers. For higher-priced homes, there will be an expectation of quality landscaping from buyers.

Some ideas when updating your landscaping:

  • Planting perennials offer a future low-maintenance solution to gardening.
  • Fresh mulch always has curb appeal and provides contrast to green or colorful plants.
  • Pruning trees or bushes keeps the landscape looking fresh. Be sure to tailor back overgrown areas that block the front door or windows.
  • When adding shrubs, avoid “one of this” and “one of that” — masses of three or more look better and will smooth out the look of the landscaping.
  • Have a healthy lawn in the front.
  • Add lights! Lighting along a driveway or  highlighting landscaping or the home’s exterior can create a beautiful aura to your home in the evening.

Need inspiration for your landscaping endeavors? Look at homes already on the real estate market!