Two Sibcy Cline Properties Featured in Luxury Portfolio International Magazine

The latest issue of Luxury Portfolio International magazine has been published with 160 pages of homes and lifestyle. This magazine is available online and on newsstands (including Barnes and Noble) in more than 60 countries.

In this issue find stories about affluent U.S homebuyers investing abroad (with a majority heading to the Caribbean) and wealth management and how that type of “family office” is impacting high-net-worth people. Also see magnificent homes from all parts of the world.

Two Sibcy Cline listed properties are promoted in this magazine on page 160. View a digital version of the magazine here.

The luxury face of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Portfolio International is a global real estate network comprised of the most powerful independent luxury brokerages. The program markets over 50,000 luxury homes to over three million high-net-worth visitors annually on its award-winning website, Sibcy Cline Realtors is the only local member of Luxury Portfolio International. See Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Portfolio listings here.

Over 775,000 Impressions of Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Homes on Luxury Portfolio International’s Website in One Year

Sibcy Cline’s high-end, luxury homes not only have great promotion on the company’s website, but receive even more exposure with Luxury Portfolio International.

This luxury home website is affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest global network of independent real estate companies. The website promotes over 35,000 high-end homes worldwide from 200 of the affiliate members.

Here are some statistics about Luxury Portfolio from May 2014 – May 2015:

Views and Impressions

  • 775,388 property impressions (property views + exposures)
  • 134,378 property views
  •  641,010 exposures through searches

Top 10 Foreign Country Views

  • China – 76,521 views (41.5%)
  • United Kingdom – 69,585 views
  • Germany – 15,561 views
  • France – 8,437 views
  • Canada – 4,585 views
  • Republic of Korea – 3,233 views
  • Russia – 2,187 views
  • Ukraine – 1,451 views
  • Mexico – 1,423 views

A total of 131 foreign countries viewed Sibcy Cline’s luxury homes.


Sibcy Cline’s listings were translated into 13 foreign currencies: 

  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Swiss Francs
  • Australian Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Mexican Pesos
  • Indian Rupees
  • Sweden Kronor
  • Malaysia Ringgits
  • South African Rand
  • Chinese Yuan
  • Aruba Guilders

The listings were also translated into 8 foreign languages:

  • Traditional Chinese (5,946 translations)
  • Japanese (2,918 translations)
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese


Exposure of listings through the United States

Sibcy Cline listings received views from all 50 US states. The top 10 states were:

  • Ohio (214,513 views)
  • California (53,230 views)
  • Kentucky (25,979 views)
  • Texas (22,502 views)
  • New Jersey (17,272 views)
  • New York (16,334 views)
  • Virginia (12,872 views)
  • Illinois (11,081 views)
  • Maryland (10,744 views)
  • Pennsylvania (10,324 views)

Following Cincinnati, Ohio, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale (California) were the top U.S. cities viewing Sibcy Cline listings. averages 125,000 monthly visitors who look at homes on the site for approximately 12 minutes. The site has views from 200 countries worldwide.

View Sibcy Cline’s luxury listings on


Luxury Portfolio International Magazine Features Four Sibcy Cline Listings

The latest issue of Luxury Portfolio International Magazine is on bookshelves. In this issue you will see:

  • Historic Liongate Estate of Bel Air (once owned by Kenny Rogers)
  • Coastal retreat in Marbella, Spain
  • Villa found in Vienna, Austria
  • Kiawah Island, South Carolina compound
  • Global collection of penthouses

Go here to preview a digital version of the magazine.

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Four Sibcy Cline listed homes have featured ads in this publication:

Where do you find Luxury Portfolio International Magazine?
The magazine is found at bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada; many first-class airline lounges; as well as international newsstands in 60+ countries.

Copies of the magazine can also be found at Sibcy Cline branch offices (as well as other Luxury Portfolio International member real estate offices throughout the world.)

What is Luxury Portfolio?
Luxury Portfolio International is a global real estate network comprised of the most powerful independent luxury brokerages. In addition to the magazine, Luxury Portfolio markets over 25,000 luxury homes to over three million high-net-worth visitors annually on its award-winning website, Luxury Portfolio is the luxury face of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest global network of premier locally branded companies dominated by many of the world’s most powerful independent luxury brokerages.

Sibcy Cline Realtors is the exclusive local member of Luxury Portfolio International. Sibcy Cline’s luxury listings receive over 50,000 property impressions each month on the website. See Sibcy Cline’s luxury listings here.

Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Homes – Getting Views Across the World

Luxury Portfolio
Sibcy Cline’s higher-end homes for sale are not only viewed multiple times daily on Sibcy Cline’s website, but also receive extra exposure on the Luxury Portfolio International website from potential home buyers throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.

January – June 2014 Luxury Portfolio Statistics
Sibcy Cline’s luxury listings (priced $750,000+) had 237, 402 property impressions from January through June 2014 on the Luxury Portfolio website.


Where do these international viewers live?
Most viewers to Sibcy Cline’s listings on Luxury Portfolio are from the U.S. Our listings have had views from all 50 states. The top foreign countries that have viewed Sibcy Cline’s luxury listings in the past 6 months are:

  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Viet Nam
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Honduras

The Luxury Portfolio viewer has the ability to convert the listing prices into a foreign currency. Sibcy Cline’s listings have been changed into 9 currencies in the last 6 months: Euro, British Pound, Sweden Konor, Mexican Pesos, Swiss Francs, New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Indian Rupees.

Descriptions of the listings on the Luxury Portfolio website can also be translated into various foreign languages. In the past 6 months, Sibcy Cline’s listings have been viewed in Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and German.

Take a peek at Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Portfolio Listings here.

Learn more about Luxury Portfolio International by watching a video here.


Sibcy Cline Listing Featured in RIS Media Real Estate Magazine

A Sibcy Cline listing is a one-page feature in the June 2014 issue of RIS Media Real Estate Magazine:


You can also view the magazine digitally here. (Go to page 43 for the article.)

The home is 7925 Spiritwood Court in Indian Hill. The home is a fabulous barn conversion. Read a former blog article about this home here.

This home was promoted in the magazine through Luxury Portfolio International.

2014 Doory Awards from HGTV – Vote For Homes!


Take a few minutes from your day to “tour” some beautiful Luxury Portfolio International listed homes that have made it through to the finals for HGTV’s Doory Awards. You can cast “love it ” votes for your favorites, and the home with the most “love” wins a Doory Award.

Be sure to check out the “Your Home Has What?” category
You’re going to see over-the-top homes with a:

  • Bowling alley
  • Passenger train
  • Incredible fitness facility
  • Grand old-style theater
  • Observatory
  • Subterranean garage
  • Spa-like serenity room
  • Helicopter pad

Go here to see and vote for these amazing homes!

This blogger loved the Classic Pond-Front Colonial in Rye, New York and the Private Mansion in Paris, France homes the best. What are your favorite homes?

Although none of Sibcy Cline’s International Portfolio listings made it to the finals for a Doory Award, we do have some beautiful homes to look at here.

Sibcy Cline’s High-End Listings Targeted to Chinese Buyers via


Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Portfolio listings are now appearing on, China’s number one international real estate website. is an influential international real estate website for Chinese buyers with 1.5 million views monthly.  Luxury Portfolio vice president Stephanie Pfeffer Anton say this agreement between Luxury Portfolio and Juwai means that when a seller hires “…a Luxury Portfolio agent, that client can be sure the property will be marketed to the largest, fastest growing group of wealthy buyers in the word – the Chinese.”  Learn more about Juwai here.

SIbcy Cline’s listings priced $750,000 and above are marketed on Luxury Portfolio’s website after passing a vetting process. Each listing on that site can be translated into eight foreign languages (including Chinese) as well as over 60 currencies.