Warren, Clermont, Butler, Hamilton, Montgomery and Greene Counties Rank High for Personal Income Growth in Ohio

Several area counties were among the top in Ohio for personal income growth as reported by On Numbers.

  • Warren County – #2  (509% increase)
  • Clermont County – #4 (279% increase)
  • Butler County – #6  (234% increase)
  • Greene County – #7 ( 226% increase)
  • Hamilton County – #14 (154% increase)
  • Montgomery County – #16 (121% increase)

To realize an increase, the counties needed to experience either an increase in population or a boost in the amount earned by each resident. If both of those factors increased, it is a strong indication of positive economic expansion.

What Ohio County ranked #1? Delaware County (in northern Columbus) grew by 954%.

The fastest growth rate area in the U.S. goes to Douglas County in Colorado which grew by 2,083%. This area was formerly ranch land that has since been suburbanized.

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Montgomery County in Dayton, Ohio has New Economic Developments

Great news for Montgomery County in Dayton, Ohio. Plans are in place for $1.8 million in economic projects that should bring in tens of millions of dollars for investments with a possibility of 400 new jobs.

Some of these projects include:

  • Eco-Groupe Inc. – Investment for machinery for its research and development needs. This company is projecting hire 60+ people in the next three years
  • IDX Corporation – Relocation of its operation and an expansion and renovation of its business
  • FC Industries – Building upgrades with new equipment and the addition of 40 jobs in three years
  • All Service Plastic Molding – Expansion to its facility and the additional of 50 jobs
  • Spears Transfer & Expediting – Construction of a new facility and the addition of 8 new jobs
  • Value Added Packaging – Expansion of its manufacturing site and 13 new jobs in the next 3 years
  • Malt Products – Construction of a new malt plant (replacing one in New Jersey) with 30 jobs create in the next 2 years
  • Heidelberg Distributing –  Headquarters are being relocated and 20 new jobs will be created
  • Crown Partners –  New office space with 33 new jobs created

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