How Patriotic is Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana?

Ohio_EmblemGrunge state of Indiana flag mapState of Kentucky grunge flag map conducted its research on the patriotism of the 50 U.S. states. The website used these criteria in deciding upon the patriotic rankings:

  • Number of national historic landmarks per capita
  • Number of veterans per capita
  • Funding spent on veterans
  • Percent of residents who voted in the last presidential election
  • Residents who “google” for “American Flags”
  • Residents who list “America” as an interest on their Facebook

The results? Ohio ranked #17; Kentucky ranked #21; and Indiana ranked #38. (By the way Ohio ranked #4 for veteran funds ranking and #6 for googling “American Flags”.

What state ranked #1? South Carolina.

Want to see the rankings? Go here.